Stoked for the SCOOP!

I wanted to take the time to briefly share my plans for the upcoming 2013 SCOOP series.

I want to spend about $3,000 on tournament buy-ins, so my plan will be to diversify them over a lot of the Medium events in hopes of making a deep run or two. I'm also going to start off by playing every Low event in an effort to do well on the overall leader board. I say that I'm only going to start off by playing every low event because if I do poorly at the beginning of the series and there is no hope of finishing near the top of the leader board, then I'm not going to bother playing in some of the random events without having the proper incentive to do so. Unlike the Micr Millions tournament series, it will be much, much tougher to win the SCOOP leader board because there are far less events (so more players can play them all) and all the sharks that are registering for the higher events anyways will likely register for the Low events too if it just means firing up one extra table for them. However, that said, the challenge will totally be fun and obviously worth the efforts to chase after that PCA seat! You can check out the full leader board details here but basically, it works just as it did for the Micro Millions (you earn points for each time you cash and more points the deeper you go in each tournament).

I think that it's a cool opportunity open to basically anyone to try since there's a PCA seat awarded for the player of the series from each of the Low, Medium, and High buy-in tournaments.


Here's a look at my tentative schedule...I'll leave off all of the low events (exception being the Low Main Event) since that would require a lot of unnecessary typing, as I've already stated that I'm going to play them all as long as I have a shot at finishing high on the leader board:

SCOOP 2013

01M: $215 6-max
02M: $215 NLHE
05M: $109 Turbo Rebuys
07M: $82 Heads-Up
08M: $109 NLHE
10M: $215 Super-Knockout
15M: $82 Ante Up
17M: $215 Super-Knockout
20M: $215 Turbo Zoom
21M: $215 NLHE
22M: $215 NLHE
24M: $109 Mixed NLHE/PLO
29M: $109 NLHE
31M: $215 Knockout
33M: $215 8-Game
35M: $215 NLHE 2x Turbo
43L: $109 Main Event
44M: $109 SCOOP Wrap-Up 3x Chance Turbo

Buy-ins total: $2,968 (plus rebuys for 05M)

So yeah, looks like a total of 18 events! Hopefully it's a profitable series for me and also helps me with logging plenty of hours at the cash game tables.

Speaking of cash games, I've decided to not check my results until the end of this month so that I can focus on getting in hours without stressing over the day to day swings. My feeling is that things are not great so far but not awful either...I think that I'm making just a few mistakes each session and I've yet to finish a session feeling very satisfied. I definitely haven't caught any sort of heater yet. There have always seemed to be a couple of hands that I misplay in a minor way but end up paying a heavy price for it. I'll need to work on cleaning up some sloppy play here and there and we'll see what happens.

VPPs are not amazing but pretty decent. I want 40K by the end of the month, and I've been averaging about 1K per day up until now, so as I mentioned, I think once the series starts my volume should increase to the necessary amount.

Finally, I'm doing live coaching for PokerSchoolOnline on May 12th and 26th this month if you want to join in. It's free