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Here's a guy that's almost too cool for school but, by his own admission, you'll always find him there as his passion for poker drives him to learn more about the game every day. Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders is the newest addition to PokerStars Team Online and he's here to help you plug those leaks and maximise those value spots.

After graduating from Cologne University in 2008 with a degree in math, Felix pursued a career as an online and live cash game player in Las Vegas during which time he became a poker trainer for PokerSchoolOnline. 'xflixx' holds regular classes focussed on six-max no-limit cash games and has helped countless students of the game improve their skills at the tables.


We caught up with Felix and asked him how he felt about being announced as a Team Online player:

PokerSchoolOnline: Has the news that you've been announced as the newest member of Team Online sunk in yet? What does it mean to you?

Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders: It took a few weeks but it has definitely sunk in now. The feedback from friends and fellow players on social media and in the PokerSchoolOnline forum is quite overwhelming as I would never have expected so many people to be so happy for me. It definitely makes me feel even more rewarded and motivated for the training I run at the school.

PSO: We are the English speaking school for PokerStars and they have many other schools across many different languages. Are these poker schools just for beginners or are they also a benefit to the more experienced player?

FS: Well, the primary goal is to help out beginners and players who want to build a bankroll, learn about all the different formats of poker and find out what suits them best. The community is very welcoming and supportive to all levels and the more experienced players can also ask questions that our professional trainers and hand analysers will discuss with them. There are also a lot of videos in the library from professional players that are quite useful to learn those expert tips from.

PSO: You are holding your next training session this Wednesday. What topics will you cover during this class?

FS: The topic of the next class is 'Mastering Microstakes' and I will be simulating an entire session at the 10NL six-max cash game tables. Participants will be able to watch me play live and comment on my play while I cover the important aspects of my approach to beating the micros.

PokerSchoolOnline training sessions are free to attend and all players are very welcome. If you like why not check out Felix's next class to get a taste of how Live Training at PokerSchoolOnline can give you an edge at the tables.

Read the announcement about xflixx joining Team PokerStars Online by clicking here.

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