Tatiana 'Mysters_Y' Barausova: No bracelet, but at least I got a dress

When I returned home from Las Vegas and the World Series of Poker I felt very ill. It was a hard flight after a long summer. I got up early the next day, but still didn't feel very well and could not sleep. So, of course, I got up to play poker for a while because I'd been missing online poker so much when I was in Las Vegas!

Apart from the jet lag, I had an excellent trip and it was definitely one of the best poker trips I have had. It was fun and it was interesting. I would have liked to have got into the poker room to play some more more because I hadn't really played cash games at tournaments in the past. I'd always thought it live cash game would be boring, but it actually went pretty well. Next time when I go to a live tournament I will get involved in a lot more side action, for sure!


Tatiana 'Mysters_Y' Barausova

The $10,000 WSOP Main Event could have gone better. I played at the feature table on Day 1A bt didn't make Day 2. This is not a surprise when hands like this happen. I opened to 700 and Domink Nitsche (German WSOP bracelet and EPT regular) moved all-in for 6,500 with king-queen. I called with ace-king, hit an ace-high flop before the turn and river came out running queens. Oh well, next year!

The trip wasn't all poker. Although I would have preferred to win a bracelet at least I got the chance to buy a new dress. That's a success of sorts.

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