The history of my sick setup

Initially I was asked to send PokerStars a photo of my current setup for the Sickest Set-Up promotion.

But, then they asked me to write a blog post about it...

They didn't know that I've been blogging about my computer setups for five years! So, instead of writing about my current setup, I will tell you how my setup changed since I started playing poker as a part-time job during University to what it looks like now that I'm a full time poker player!

Setup 2008


Back in 2008 when I was starting to play poker part-time, I had a small laptop. Then I bought a 19" screen that could fit nine tables and eventually a 22" screen that would fit 12 tables with a small overlap.

This was my room at the dorm, with some photos on the wall, my name from a Magic: The Gathering feature match and some nash equilibrium spreadsheets for Heads-Up on the wall

Setup 2009

In 2009 I was living in my mother's place playing poker full time and going for Supernova Elite. I spent some of my earnings on a better poker setup.

I bought two 24" screens that could rotate to play eight tables in each without overlap plus a desktop computer.


Then I also bought a 25" for the lobby, MSN, and whatever else I needed.


(That's Buddy talking to people on MSN messenger when I wasn't at the computer)


(Buddy wasn't just on my PokerStars avatar, he was next to the computer every time he had a chance)

Later in the year I bought a 30" screen to be able to have 20 tables on a single screen without overlap and sold one of the 24" and the 25" screen.


Setup 2010

In 2010 I moved to Greece, and I thought that moving my setup would be complicated, so I just bought a 18.4" laptop (I still use it nowadays at home) and a 40" TV (I gave it to my mother later).


I didn't like it, so I bought a new desktop and two 30" screens.


Setup 2011

When I moved back to Portugal, I got back my stuff from Greece and the computer stuff from my mother's place, so I had a setup with two 30"s and 1 rotating 24".


Later in September I wasn't happy with the position of the screens and placed them on the wall.


Setup 2012/2013


In 2012 I bought a faster CPU and an extra 30" screen.

The CPU is pretty good, because even running my HUD with a huge database of hands the computer wouldn't lag with many tables open (20+).

The third 30" screen is not obligatory, but it's pretty nice to have! I always play on my center/main screen, but sometimes I have special tournaments on one of the other screens and the lobby + facebook/twitter on the other one.

Later in the year, I bought a Herman Milller Embody Chair, which is a very good chair and it was pretty hard to get in Portugal!

(The bad-ass Angry Bird was my Christmas present from Katerina)

The next setup photo you will see on my blog will probably be the same hardware as I showed on the previous picture, but with the screens on the wall.

I really love to have the screens on the wall, because I get a ton of extra space on the desk and it allows me to have the screens at the exact height!

One last setup... Katerina's setup:


The remaining screens are being used by my girlfriend that makes Supernova playing sit-n-gos at PokerStars


I guess that after spending some years playing computer games and studying Computer Science, I have a bit of a computer geek inside and it's one of the reasons why I like fast computers with big screens.

However, there are other reasons! There have been studies that showed that people with bigger virtual working areas are more productive and we live in a world where a small edge can make all the difference!

So... how big do you want to go on your setup?