Tips to avoid online poker mistakes

As part of the PokerStars Road to 100 Billion celebration, we asked Team Online to look back at the development of the PokerStars software and offer some tips on how to get the most out of it.

Making mistakes in poker is expensive. Nobody is perfect, but by using some features built into PokerStars software you can avoid many common mistakes. Here are a few ways I minimize errors using PokerStars software:

1. Using a 4-colour deck

Using a 4-colour deck helps me read my hand quickly and accurately. It's especially useful in games with more than two hole cards, like Omaha and Stud variants. With a two colour deck, it's easy to confuse hearts and diamonds or spades and clubs. Misreading flushes is an expensive mistake!

How-to: 'Options' > 'Table Display Options' > '4 Color Deck'

2. Customizing certain tables

Sometimes I want to pay more attention to a certain table when I'm multi-tabling. If I'm lucky enough to be on the final table, I don't want to confuse it with a tournament in its early stages. So I'll right-click the table and change the felt colour so I remember that there's something special going on at that table.

How-to: 'View' > 'Right-Click Table to Customize'


3. Noticing who's in the hand

Knowing how many players are left in a hand influences just about every decision I make. There are two things I set up so that I don't miss anyone and make a huge mistake: First, I use a back deck that contrasts from the table background so they are very noticeable. Second, I use the large opponent hole cards option.

How-to: 'View' > 'Table Themes'

'Options' > 'Table Display Options' > 'Show Large Opponent Hold Cards'

4. Unregistering from tournaments at the end of a session

If I've registered for a lot of tournaments, logging off and missing a tournament is very easy to do (and a big waste of money!). So at the end of my sessions, I make sure I'm out all tournaments with Ctrl+R, which brings up the 'Registered in Tournaments' window.

How-to: 'Requests' > 'Registered in Tournaments' or Ctrl+R