Upgrading to a sicker--but not too sick--setup

My Team Online video was released fall 2011, most of the comments on the video were with regards to my poker setup, a La-Z-Boy chair and a tv table. In truth, that was my most sophisticated set up to date. For the years prior I didn't even own a desktop, and had played on laptops ranging from 11"-15". The reason behind that switch was that on occasion, after a long day at work, I became too comfortable, and with the warmth of the laptop on my legs, would doze off until the alerts wakened me.

With the feedback from my video, I thought maybe I was missing something and that it was time to be more "professional" and got set up with a desk, a HUD and an extra monitor. While I enjoyed the extra screen so I could check Facebook and Twitter, it just never was a good fit for me. Poker is about fun and flexibility, I was not sold on having such a rigid grind station (plus, I found myself happier and more profitable when I was comfortable)! Not being someone who often plays more than 3-4 tables having the extra real estate became more of a distraction than a benefit.

These days, I go back and forth between my desktop set up and my laptop or iPad, with a strong preference for mobility. The desktop is reserved for MTT packed Sundays, when there are more than 4 tournaments I want to play at a time. In the past week, I have played while enjoying the spring sunshine outside, from a recliner, in the kitchen working on dinner and over at a neighbours house watching my Oilers push for the playoffs.




I think the evolution of my "grind station" just shows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for online poker. For a small portion of players having 4 monitors run by a top of the line computer is necessary for how they play, but for most of us focusing on a station that is comfortable and allows you to concentrate well is most important. If you are new to the game, or someone who plays just a few tables recreationally, don't rush out and spend a ton of money and time on setting up your grind station. There are many other areas you can use those resources to better your game, so wait until you actually need those before you make the leap to a "sick grind station".