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Viva Mexico: The Shane Schleger story

In the early part of my career in poker, Shane Schleger became one of the first people I identified as a real person with a fake name. That is, everyone called him "shaniac," and that was cool, because that's who he was. Over time, it became common to call real people by their online names, but "shaniac" was among the first for whom it seemed normal to me.

As the months and years passed, as I started to read more and more of Schelger's writing, for whatever reason, it started to occur to me that--like many of the people I would come to know in poker--the online names and online personas didn't tell much of anything about the real people these men and women were. It took getting to know them in real-world spots before you could get a sense for who they really were.


Today, PokerStars Team Online released another in its series of short films about the people in its stable. No surprise here: Shane "shaniac" Schleger makes for a great subject.

You can watch the film below or on its You Tube page.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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