5 Lessons from 5 Million VPPs

I recently reached 5 Million VPPs on PokerStars and I would like to share the top 5 lessons that I learned along the way.


Lesson #1: What to do when poker gets boring

Usually when I start feeling like not playing poker, it means that I'm not studying enough. Playing poker is the most fun part for sure, but if there isn't anything new to add to my game (a new killer play, a new idea, etc) it becomes static and boring.

Studying is key in order to to keep the game new and fun.

Rafa Nadal home game-thumb-450x283-210701.jpg

See, Rafa is having fun!

Lesson #2: The role of regular players

Not treating the recreational players as nicely as you can is just plain stupid since they are the ones paying your bills in exchange for some entertainment value. But, what about the other professional players?

Sure, they are trying to beat you and take your money, but guess what: they are the people that have the most in common with you.

Try to think about them as co-workers that are fighting for the same job promotions.


My fellow Team Online member (aka co-worker) George Lind

Lesson #3: Patience in poker is underrated

I think that patience is the number one skill to become successful in poker.

Creating and waiting for the right spots is part of the craft, but without the patience to stick to a plan and a good bankroll management, you won't have the tools.

Without the tools there is no craft.

Lesson #4: Knowledge is more important than money

I think that knowledge is way more important than money, especially in poker.

If I have a lot of money and I'm playing games that I can't beat, I will destroy my bankroll.

On the other hand if I can play games I know how to beat, I can turn a small bankroll into a massive one very quickly

"When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience"


I mean, just look at nanonoko's graph

Lesson #5: Helping others feels better than helping myself

You know how good it feels to have a great winning session or winning a massive tournament? Having a losing session, or a long downswing is the reverse side of that coin and it feels at least as bad/.

From my personal experience, helping others pretty much always feels good and it doesn't have a reverse side.

I could tell you more about it, but just try to help others without expecting anything in return expect for maybe a bit of feedback.