5 reasons why the TCOOP series is awesome

Before leaving the PCA I wrote a blog post about my plans for 2014, and even though I was planning to play some tournaments, it would just be just a small part of schedule. My plan was to focus mostly on writing a book where I will share what I learned last year during my $100k challenge and playing some sit-n-gos to grind a steady income.

Then I started looking at the TCOOP schedule and I realized that I had to postpone everything to February and play as many TCOOP events as possible!

Am I just crazy? I get the impression that most people think so, specially the PokerStars Bloggers, but...I will give you 5 reasons why the TCOOP series is awesome!

#1: Easier to fit a schedule

All tournaments are turbo or hyper-turbo, so I'm expecting them to take somewhere between 3 and 5 hours.

This means that if a tournament starts at 8pm, even if I do well It won't affect my schedule on the day after.

I think that this is extremely important for everyone that has a day time job, likes to do some physical exercise in the morning, or just morning people in general.

And, you know what? I love to run in the morning.

#2: Less endurance required

Usually during the big series, tournaments have very slow structures and can take many many hours, sometimes even multiple days.

Let's be honest: it's pretty hard to be able to play our best for such a long period of time and one single mistake can destroy many hours of hard work, make us feel miserable, etc.

Has that happened to you? It happened to me multiple times for sure.

But TCOOP tournaments are different. They don't take as long, so we will be able to play our best without requiring some sick endurance skills.

Andre Coimbra_Main Event_Day 1B_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG8665.jpg

#3: More action, less waiting

The first levels of the tournaments are usually boring for many players.

Seriously, if people really wanted to play really deep for a while, they would be playing cash-games. On TV they mostly show the late stages of the tournaments where the action ends pre-flop a lot of times, and this is because that's where a lot of the excitement of tournaments is.

TCOOP is all about that excitement. We get that kind of action a lot and really quickly, just the way we like it.

#4: Big prize pools

PokerStars is guaranteeing $15M for the full series!

There are 50 events, all with great guarantees and even though most are NL Hold-em there will be some of the less popular formats as well

The big star is probably going to be the $700 Main Event though, since it's going to give at least $300K for the first place. Yes, we can actually win $300K in like five hours of poker!

This is insane? Think about it: enough money to buy a new house in five hours, and you won't miss your morning jogging!

#5: Satellites

You don't have $700 to buy-in into the main event? No problem!

There will be plenty of satellites at the PokerStars lobby starting from 100 FPPs or $1. And, this is not just for the Main Events. There will be plenty of satellites for every event, including deadline satellites that will have a ton of seats guaranteed and sit-n-go satellites that will run at the times that are convenient for you!


I guess that you already know why I can't miss this series.

I think that being more convenient for the recreational players is a huge huge deal, because we will get players that wouldn't play a normal speed tournament on a Monday, but might play a turbo that won't affect their schedule.

Satellites also get a lot of recreational players that wouldn't be able to afford some of the higher buy-in tournaments playing them. PokerStars does an awesome awesome job when it comes to satellites.

All in all, I think that this series is much more friendly for the recreational players than the other series and that makes the experience better for everyone in my opinion, since the games get softer for everyone and winning with some big all-in is fun for sure.

You just can't miss all this great action!

André Coimbra is a member of Team Online

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