Bad beats are not your privilege, my friend

Let's talk about that very common situation that I always talk about. I keep talking about it because we can get stronger to handle this difficult part of our beloved game: the bad beats, my friends!

We are always learning about this annoying thing, but years of practice and study - in my case almost 10 years - show us how simple this game's math is.

I suffered, I fought, I didn't believe, I called it names--I called it all the names!--but most important: once I learned the lesson, the suffering was gone.


There are times when you just think: "I've studied, I've lived sad situations, I know it wasn't the first and it won't be the last time it happens. So why should I keep wasting energy whining?" Our sport is already very hard, so I won't add this to my routine.

Even now I still feel the same things I felt at the beginning of my career when I was grinding low stakes SnGs. When the bad beat hits, that unique feeling of disappointment, frustration, anger and sadness--all together in one!--comes strongly.

But your maturity, experience and knowledge will determine how you take that hit: at that exact moment, STOP, BREATHE and THINK; don't get emotional, be rational.

Use your intelligence and, most of all, know it is not your privilege to be in this situation. You don't really believe you're the only one that gets bad beats, right? Just understand that it is part of the learning process and move on to the next hand.

Don't waste energy with something that everybody in this game lives in a daily basis, on and on. Try to overcome it as fast as possible, because in this exact point we are talking about ROI and productivity.

It doesn't matter how great your skills are. It counts for nothing if you don't learn the lesson and you keep thinking the cards are unfair to you. I'm sorry to inform you, but it will keep happening forever. It's simple math.

Focus on being ahead at the showdown, because you will need 110% of your energy to do that. Study, practice, feel it and, finally...understand it!

Be cold and rational; give yourself the chance to use your brain at its full capacity.

Good luck, always. I'll see you at the tables!