Cooking up a party in Prague

Last year I went to two VIP Club Live events. My first one was on familiar homeground in Berlin, the second one on the Isle of Man before the UKIPT (which you can read about here). I have written up trip reports for those two events, so to continue the tradition I feel the need to share my third which took place in Prague. It was, once again, awesome.


Welcome? Thanks!

Initially I hadn't planned to attend the event as my wife wouldn't be able to get time off work for travels. I figured that going to Prague on my own without being able to take her for an extended sight-seeing and relaxation weekend wouldn't be a great idea. But when Dylan, the infamous VIP Club Live host, asked me if I would be able to make it, while luring me with a promise of free Asian cooking lessons, I couldn't resist but fall for the fishy bait.

I boarded my plane to Prague on a sunny Friday afternoon, checked into the Hilton hotel near the site at around 6pm and made my way to the SaSaZu, a very promising Asian restaurant and party venue.


Party time

Going inside I was welcomed with a lot of different gimmicks:


1. Supernova wrist band - feeling special!


2. 5,000 bucks in play money - wheeee I'm rich!


3. PokerStars signature chop sticks - the wife will be happy!

The venue was filling slowly after 7pm and as I walked by the bar I overheard the first German words of the night being spoken. I immediately got involved in the conversations with two very nice German poker players. We had a couple of drinks, Asian food from a huge buffet, talked a lot of poker and watched the opening ceremony that featured these skilled Asian drummers.


How to drum up a group of poker players

I was prepared to let my 5k playmoney chips ride at the roulette and blackjack tables that has been set up, but along the way I got caaught talking to so many people, including Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hrbuy and some cashgame grinders who I knew by their screenname alone! It's always great to meet those guys in person and get in touch with others who actually know a lot about what I am doing. One very memorable moment was when a follower of my series whom I had never met before greeted me by my name, told me he enjoyed my #grindingitup videos and asked me a couple of questions on our most favorite poker format, 6-max no-limit cashgames:



Having people show that kind of appreciation for what I am doing face-to-face is just something that really warmed my heart. Later that night our cooking class was finally called for and together with fellow no limit cashgame grinder Tonna Munz I made my way to the frying pans that were already set up for us.


Too many cooks?


Hanging with Tonnamunz

The course was rather quick, the food was mostly pre-prepared, but we had a lot of fun with our instructor and I learned about how rolling my own sushi could potentially look like:


Sushi time

After cooking class I spent the rest of the evening talking to some fellow German online grinders, busting my 5k on a double-or-nothing roulette spin and enjoying the overall party atmosphere with free drinks and the great Asian food. People moved to a different club after the curfew was hit at the SaSaZu, but since my flight back home was scheduled for early Saturday morning I decided to call it a night and get at least a little bit of sleep at the hotel.

After attending three of these events all I can say is that if you have the FPPs in your PokerStars accounts then you should get your hands on a ticket. Take a buddy or your better half and make your way to one of the stops of VIP Club Live. If you don't, make sure you grind at least so much that you can buy them in the VIP Club store - it's really a worthwhile experience. I will definitely be at the stop in Hamburg next, so hopefully I will meet more of you guys over there!

P.S.: I will have to remember to take my little buddy Todd to Hamburg. He was very sad I forgot him back home, but at least I brought him a souvenir:


Handbead? Check. Patch? Check. Ready to go.

Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Online.