Fixed Limit, you say?

Hey, boys and girls.

As a new member of Team Online, it's appropriate to do some introduction first. My name is Luka Kovač and I'm playing as LukaSteel on PokerStars. I think there's no need to tell you how excited I am about representing PokerStars and Limit Hold'em as my game of choice. When I heard the news that I'll be joining Team Online, I literally jumped from my seat. It feels a bit unreal to be listed among the best PokerStars players, but here I am now, and I'm sure I'll do a great job.


"What do you do for a living? is a question I get quite a lot these days, due to all the unemployment problems we are facing in our region. And as expected, people are surprised when they hear that I play poker for a living. But generally speaking, I never had any bad responses so far. Almost everyone seems to know that poker is a game of skill, and I'm glad it's this way, because I have less explaining to do. But there is still a bit of confusion when I tell them I actually play Fixed Limit Hold'em.

"Fixed Limit, you say? Why?"

Well, why not? It's as good as game as any. It's pretty obvious that No Limit is currently more popular format, but it wasn't always like that. About seven years ago when I started playing poker more seriously, my choice was Fixed Limit, and that was pretty standard those days. Everyone was starting with a poker variant where you can't go all-in and where you can learn about hand values, bankroll management, odds and outs and stuff like that. Later in players' career, most of these guys switched to other poker variants, but I stayed. Sure, I tried No Limit and Omaha for a month or two here and there, but I was always coming back. As I like to say, Limit Hold'em is the game where my heart is.

When I was writing down my first entry for the PokerStars Blog, I looked up some of the old blogs I did in previous years. It's funny to see how I was struggling with Silver and Gold VIP status at the start of my career, how I was passionate about hitting my first $500 bankroll milestone, hitting $1000 in the next month, and so on. I'm glad that I wrote this down. They are lots of good memories.

But enough about the past, I'm sure there will be other opportunities to talk about these things. Let's focus on the present. I hope I can show you how fun and exciting a game of Fixed Limit is. It surely is one of the most action-packet variants because most of the time, you have to make a decision on every single street. That means seeing lots of flops, turns and rivers - and what's not fun about that?

Well, maybe the river.

Expect to see me at the tables almost daily where I'll play my usual limits up to 15/30. But sometimes I'll open myself a beer and join smaller tables just to have a chat and enjoyable time with you guys. So, be sure to follow me on twitter (@CoreySteel_). Well, let it be enough for my first ever blog post here. You'll get to know me more in the following weeks and months. Don't miss the special Fixed Limit Hold'em promo on PokerStars. It's going to be fun!

Good luck at the tables.