Joining Team Online

Hi, guys.

I am very happy to announce I will be joining PokerStars Team Online.

If I look at my poker activity over the past year, this is the most logical step for me. I have completely fallen back in love with online poker, my old stomping ground. It's where I started, but I wouldn't want to say this is where it ends. At the moment I am completely in love with poker again and that is mainly because I enjoy playing Pot-Limit Omaha so much.

One needs to learn however, and the best way to do this is to put a ton of hours in online and study your game. In fact, I put in so many hours last year, I made Supernova Elite. For the time being I don't feel the same itch to play live tournaments as I have in previous years. This doesn't mean I won't be playing the occasional live tournament, of course. You can definitely find me at tournaments like EPT Barcelona and the PCA. I wouldn't want to miss those for the world.


I always want to be pursuing something that greatly motivates me. At this point I want to try and become the best I can be at PLO. I think the game is challenging and immensely complex. Just putting in the hours online and reviewing everything to try to figure out my mistakes is something I have really missed. It's like playing an ongoing strategic game against players that always evolves and you have to figure out solutions when they are trying to beat you. Playing every day has made me see this again and there is nothing more gratifying to me than figuring a regular out and implementing winning strategies in my game.

From what I can tell so far, Team Online seems to be a very tightly knit group of people who have a lot of interest in each other's background and story. It's also exciting to join ranks with online beasts such as nanonoko, Kanu7 and of course Ike Haxton, only to name a few. It will be fun picking their brain about stuff. I have felt very welcomed to say the least.

As for my poker plans the next few months; I am going to skip the first part of the WSOP. It has been 10 years since I watched a World/European Cup at home with friends and I feel this is the perfect time to do so. It's also nice because now I put some hours in for my SNE grind of 2014. As per usual, I am far behind on pace, even though I should probably set my pace for upcoming years at 'last moment possible'. I will travel to Vegas the end of June. Other than that my grind will be online and at the PLO tables.

Come at me.