Lowball and loving it

This is my first blog entry, so allow me to briefly introduce myself. First of all, my name is Matthias Brandner, and I'm very glad that I've been given the opportunity to join this great team and represent my favourite poker site out there. I'm an avid cash game player who specialises in the lesser known games - such as Razz, 2-7, or Badugi. I've studied and played the latter a lot. I hope I can bring those games a bit closer to you and tell you how I balance poker and my life around it.


I started playing on PokerStars mid-2010 and quickly discovered the game which turned out to have the biggest impact of my poker career - Badugi. I started playing on the lowest stakes and slowly moved up after extensive study and play. By "study," I'm not referring to books or online resources, because there practically are none. I have developed my own thoughts about the game together with a poker buddy. After a few months, my game became quite solid, but still needed regular shaping. This was especially true when it came to shorthanded and heads-up play, as this really differs a lot from full ring play. This goes for any game, but particularly Badugi.

Since Badugi alone wasn't quite enough for me, I added some Razz and 2-7 as well. They're not games I've really gotten deeply into, though. I'm mostly playing by feel and general understanding. I think the biggest advantage of those games is that a lot of players have a lack of detailed understanding and experience in those games which makes it possible to generate quite an edge if you know what you're doing. This makes them so great. While no-limit hold'em gets tougher as months go by, the "exotic" games still have quite some room for an edge.

Nowadays I'm playing Badugi up to FL 100/200 and the other games up to FL 30/60. I hope I can establish myself there further while managing to gather interest for these games and bring more players into them. Besides playing online as I always do, I'll write regular blog articles, will be active on Twitter and on internet forums, and play some live. I plan to play EPT Vienna in the middle of March.

Besides poker, I study IT, psychology, and philosophy at the University of Vienna. I also play a lot of music. I've also recently started playing the piano. If you're interested, you can check out my Youtube Channel "multipletones". Here's a little piece.

If you have any questions you can find/follow me on different sites:

- Mati312 (pokerstrategy.de)
- Mati123 (2+2)
- @matipoker (Twitter)