Marathon Man, Mikhail Shalamov

So, imagine yourself sitting down at your computer and playing on 24-tables on a 24-inch monitor for 24 hours. Imagine you have to play 40,000 hands in that time at $2/$4 and $3/$6 blinds. Just to make it more fun, imagine having no software or hot keys to help you.

Sound like fun?

Or maybe you'd rather run 42.2 kilometers without stopping for a meal or episode of Dr. Who.

Does that sound like fun?

Well, no matter your answer, you might be interested to check out Team Online's Mikhail Shalamov, a man who has done both. Oh, and if you think "This is one of those braggy posts where some guy makes his major achievement sound like a piece of cake," you might want to think again. Things didn't go quite as well you might expect.



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