Nanonoko: That time I won $368,000 in SCOOP

It's been almost one year since I played the 2013 $1,000 SCOOP-M Main Event. I was ecstatic to have accomplished a huge score both on the live and online felt and I can remember all of the key hands I played that day. You would think that a player who has played as many hands as myself--a player who has played some of the highest stakes around--would not have any pressure at all, but it wasn't quite what you may expected.

My heart was racing throughout that final table. I knew that this opportunity was going to be a special one, and I needed to make the best decisions I could with all eyes on me. No pressure? Yeah more like all of the pressure in the world!

I was so use to playing 24 tables at a time, but I couldn't fathom the idea of making a mistake. So, I decided to play just one table. Wait, I didn't decide to do that, I NEEDED to do that!


Yeah, this many tables just wasn't going to work...

Some decisions that may have seemed trivial took some extra thought because I wanted to make sure I thought through and trusted my instincts. I remember making big laydowns and aggressive plays throughout the tournament that some people may have overlooked. I wasn't going to let this tournament end on a regretful decision.

The interesting thing, though, was that the biggest decision on that final table was whether I wanted to strike a deal or not. I ended up declining a deal when there were six players left for $236,083.28. It was a very bold move by me (I was the short stack), but I had to go with how I felt best. That was to play on.

Eventually, it was down to four players, and we discussed a deal again. We all agreed! I had secured my biggest-ever online winning day for $368,445.01! I eventually busted out in 4th place, so it ended up working out for me. I felt pretty good about it despite coming short of the title.

Luckily for you guys, I recorded a ton of footage from before the final table all the way to the very end. It's a lot of footage (10 parts to be exact) but trust me, it's good stuff! I go through all of the hands that I played. Actually re-watching them myself has reminded me of the good things I did back then. I talk through the deal-making process and really just played some great poker that I'm proud of.

The funny thing is that before I got to the final table. I thought to myself, I need to record this. Why you may ask? Because I knew that my fans wanted to me to win. That energy that I got from reading the support from the very beginning of the tournament to the end all over Twitter and Facebook made me realize I'm lucky and happy to be who I am. I wanted to make them proud and prove to myself that I can do this.

Now that the 2014 SCOOP is right around the corner, I'm excited to get right back into it and outdo last year's performance. I want to win a SCOOP title! I'm pumped and I'm ready to play the majority of the NL events for the low, medium, and high buy-ins. I hope you learn something from my videos to help you on your quest to a SCOOP title. If I see you on the virtual felt, I wish you good luck. Now it's time for us to shine!


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