Poker mama

On May 26th life changed rather drastically in my household. That is when Ryan and I welcomed our son, Carrick, into our family. While in early labour on the 25th, I found time to play (trying to hit a Milestone hand), it helped to distract me from the discomfort and keep my stress levels lower. After a few hours, it was clear that my poker playing time was to be put on hold; however, I expected to be back at the tables for short sessions later that week though. Parents out there must be smirking, knowing all too well that I was way overconfident in my ability to multitask as a new parent.


Since Carrick was born, it has become clear, that no matter how little space he takes up physically, he takes up a much larger allotment of time and energy than my husband and I had expected. Never mind that even when he is sleeping, I feel compelled to just stare and smile at him.


He is now 7 weeks old and the undeniable center of our lives. I have been able to spend a bit of time at the tables in the last week or two thanks to a wireless roller ball mouse and a tv table set up next to my recliner chair (yes the infamous lucky chair). A couple weeks earlier I had some middle of the night sessions on the iPad while Carrick is up for a slow (at least it seems that way at 4 am) feed.

It felt good to be back at the tables, although I sometimes found myself playing on autopilot instead of thoughtfully playing each hand. The thing about playing poker is that it isn't like riding a bicycle. I had spent a good amount of the prior year developing good game play habits, and this big change threw a big wrench in those gears.


Poker is all about adapting to ever changing situations, both on and off the table. I know this isn't going to be an easy adjustment, but I never expected any part of parenthood to be easy. Instead of looking at being a mom as a hurdle to being a successful player I'm going to do my best to embrace the challenge and have it add to the enjoyment I get from the game.

So here I am, ready to be back at it. Happy to be headed into the MicroMillions series, to be able to work on my focus and play some bigger field tournaments with a smaller financial investment. Know that if you see me sitting out, the list of potential reasons is long - perhaps I am catching up on my sleep, switching between my mobile devices or laptop, dealing with a diaper emergency or feeding my son! All obstacles that I am looking forward to embracing in the years to come!

Enjoy your MicroMillions Events...stay focused! ;)