Smile! You're on Team Online's security camera!

A couple of weeks ago my parents' house where I lived for over 20 years got robbed for the second time in the last six months. They took the TVs, computers, watches, cash, jewelry and everything valuable they could get in less than 15 minutes.

The area has been targeted hard for the past few months. The neighbors started installing street cameras, so there was some footage of the robbery.

I edited the video and posted it on Twitter and Facebook with hopes to get some attention, and, boy, did it work. It quickly became locally viral. Many online news sites posted the video, and I got contacted by my city's news station to have an interview about it. I also got the plates from the video and went all C.S.I. on them trying different filters.

We gave all the evidence to the police, and in a few days (which in Mexican police time is about three seconds) they captured a gang and sent us the pictures to identify them. Sadly they didn't match the guys of the video. However, the very next day they caught a different gang, and the pictures matched the guys in the video perfectly!


In the end we didn't get any of the stolen stuff back, not that I expected it. But where in a land where justice is not a right but a rare privilege, I am really savoring this little taste of retribution.