Team Pro Online week starts today

What a week this is going to be at PokerStars. They call it "Team Pro Online Week," which for Team Pro Online is always a great deal. But really, this is more about you than it is those folks.

Why? Well, over the next few days you're going to be able to apply to be a Team Pro Online member, win a package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and play against members of Team Pro Online for a potentially huge ROI.

Want more details? Well, Team Pro Online's Randy Lew will explain it all in the video below. If you're sitting somewhere you can't watch video, join us below for a quick explanation of the week's agenda.

So, that explains it pretty well. Here are some more details if you're ready to get going.

Become a member of Team Pro Online

So, you want to be a member of Team Pro Online? Well, who doesn't? It's a sweet gig.

The open application process for Team Pro Online begins today. If you're a Supernova or Supernova Elite, you should have an email from PokerStars telling you how to apply. If you've not received the email yet, get in touch with the VIP Club to let those folks know.

Win a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package

Over the next week, you can get a free PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package in three ways.

1. If you're a Supernova or Supernova Elite, have your application plucked from the pile of new Team Pro Online entries.

2. Make a deposit of $10 or more using bonus code 'ONLINE2014' between 10:00 ET on October 16 and 14:00 ET on October 25, play the Team Pro Online Bounty Tournament, and then do well enough to make it to heads-up challenges vs. Team Pro Online.

3. Team Pro Online will hold Twitter contests October 20-24. Each of them has a free ticket to a 22-player tournament on October 26, at 14:00 ET. Finish first or second in that, and you will be eligible to play the heads-up challenges for a free PCA package.

Play against Team Pro Online

In addition to all the heads-up matches and Twitter contests, you have a chance to play against a ton of PokerStar's top pros in this weekend's Red Spade Open. It's only $55 to enter and carries a $1 million guarantee. Keep an eye out for members of the Red Spade brigade, because each one of them has a $250 on his or her head. If you get the chance to bust Ike Haxton, you will not only get his bounty but also an invitation to a $1,000 heads-up match against him.


Come and get it!

There are a lot more details to this week's promotions, and you'll want to read each of them closely to maximize your changes of winning.

So, for more information, visit the Team Pro Online Week web page.

Good luck to all. And

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