Tyler Frost's last longer nets winner big score

I recently received an exciting message from one of the winners of a MicroMillions Main Event ticket that they won via my recent freeroll contest. He told me that he had made a deep run in the Main Event...how deep? Well, out of a field of 57,886, he finished 14th!

The score was good for around $4,000, which is pretty awesome for anyone let alone a mico-stakes player. I thought that this was so cool that I wanted to do an interview with the player, ooRSZABOoo and see if he could share his experience of making a deep run in the Main Event to maybe provide some motivation for anyone else that dreams of taking down a big event. Here is the interview that ooRSZABOoo was kind enough to do:

Can you briefly tell us about your poker background? How did you get started and what games do you usually play now?

I started playing poker about six years ago but took it more seriously over the last three years. I started with 10nl 6max and moved to 50nl, then went back to 25nl and am there now. I play 25nl 6max zoom and 16nl deep ante 6max everyday, and I do some MTT sessions on some Sundays and also when series like the MicroMillions are running.

How many MicroMillions events did you play, and did you have any specific goals for the series?

My goal for this series was to play some events that were running while I was grinding cash games and hoping to make some deep runs. I played about 12 events in this series.

How did you hear about frosty's last longers and how many did you participate in? Which one did you end up winning the Main Event ticket in? Were you going to play the Main Event regardless of whether or not you won a ticket?

I was already a follower of frosty's page and saw on my Facebook that he was going to do a last longer, and I thought it was good to have extra motivation for the series and to try to win a ticket for the Main Event that I already had planned to play if I didn't get the ticket from the last longer. On my second attempt on last longer #3, I made a deep run in event 30, $3.30 holdem turbo hu, finishing 140th and winning the last longer for the Main Event ticket.

Can you walk us through the tournament and maybe explain any key pots that you won? What were you feeling as the field became smaller and smaller and the money kept getting bigger?

On the initial level I had two big pots, which I don't remember the specific hands but I got to 18k and then to 26k. After that, I just won and lost some small pots until I was in the money with about 20 big blinds. At that point, I was down to my last tournament table of the day and I watched some videos along with the MTT and it was quick until we were down to 800-900 players and I was guaranteed $150. After that, when were 500 players remaining I was getting $250 and the pay jumps were really interesting for me. It was $50, $70, $100 and the pay jumps were always getting bigger. I was always around 10-20 big blinds, and I was trying to steal some blinds and win the flips when I was all in. I was closely monitoring the lobby and watching the pay jumps on the bubble of a pay jump because I was short.

Fortunately, I was getting hands when I needed to double up and always managed to win those hands. My next goal was always the next pay jump over and over again until the last 3 tables when I was getting $2.5k. During the last 2-3tables, I won some pots in a row and managed to get a top 5 chip stack, and at that point, I was starting to dream that it was possible to get to the final table and win a huge prize. However, with the stacks so shallow and without hands to play I became short-stacked again and had to shove my last 6bb with a4s and got called by 66. I lost the hand and finish 14th, and the dream was over. I felt terrible at that moment to be so close to a big money prize but moments later I forgot that and felt very happy for the $4k, which is my best MTT result.

What are your plans with your $4k score?

I don't have any plans for the 4k, I'm just going to withdraw the money to my bank account, because I already have my bankroll on Stars and don't need more money to play the stakes that I play. But maybe I'll buy small present for my girlfriend and I.

Congrats to ooRSZABOoo for their score, and be tuned to my Facebook page for similar contest giveaways in the future...you never know where they might lead.

Good luck at the tables!