VIP Club Live: Lisbon

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend another one of the VIP Club: Live parties. This time it was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Since I've been living in Lisbon for the past 4 years, this meant that I could just catch a taxi to go to this party instead of a plane like I did last time. For us online grinders, these parties are a great opportunity to meet other players and hang out with PokerStars staff and members of Team PokerStars. So you can imagine how excited I was to go!

The venue of the party, Portas do Sol, had an amazing view overlooking the city. You think that by now I'd be used to the special VIP treatment PokerStars has for players, but I was surprised by the best reception I've seen. After walking down a red carpet, guests were greeted by two lovely ladies and received their wrist bands. Then they moved further into the venue and found that the red carpet ended in the most unexpected way!


Waitors were constantly moving through the crowd, offering champagne and canapés of local delicacies. And of course, let's not forget one of the steady features of the VIP Parties, the open bar!

While I was talking to a lovely couple I'd just met, a magician dressed as a joker came next to us and pulled out a deck of cards. He asked if any of us had played with cards before. We all said "No" and burst out laughing. As I've mentioned in the past, I'm the best audience for this kind of people. I have no idea how they do their tricks so I always end up staring at them open-mouthed. After the joker finished his first card trick I was impressed, but kept my mouth closed and tried not to show it. Then he moved on to his second trick. He gave the other girl a small ball made of sponge and put it in her hand. Then he gave me an identical ball, put it in my open palm and asked me to close my hand. I did, thinking that if he tried to put anything in my hand I'd know it. But he didn't touch me. Instead, he turned towards the other lady of the group, took the ball from her hand and made it disappear. He asked me to open my hand... And sure enough, there were two sponge balls in it. I was shocked! I think I kept staring at my empty palm for a good five minutes after he left...


There were other entertainers at the party: a very very tall guy spitting flames, someone going around with a rather unusual bicycle and a lady wearing a gabardine. As I watched the fire show I couldn't help but wonder... Where were those flaming juggling torches when Alex Millar was showing off his skills at the previous VIP Club: Live Party?





Relax, the woman was just giving out glasses! What did you think?!?

All that, while enjoying the company of fellow poker players! What more can you ask for? Oh, I know what you're thinking. It's not good to drink on an empty stomach. Those canapés even though they were delicious and totally made me forget about any diet, were not enough to tame everyone's hunger. Well don't worry, there was a nice buffet with more food waiting for us inside!

And there's more! After enjoying some live music from the portuguese band "Da Chick", we got to see some break dancers hit the dance floor!


Needless to say, I had a lot of fun that night. The best part was meeting other players. This time, I even got the chance to meet some of my opponents, people that I play with on a daily basis but I had never met in person! It was a great experience and I strongly recommend it to everyone who has never attended such an event before.


What about you? When are you going to a PokerStars VIP Club Live party?