Why we love the Hypers

As you have probably heard, my game of choice are the hyper-turbo satellites. I often get asked why I play this particular format, so I thought I'd write an article about it.

The first and obvious reason why we love the hypers is that just like the name suggests, these games are fast! Unlike MTT players that only get a 5 minute break every hour and have to do long sessions, hyper-turbo grinders have the luxury of stopping whenever they want. From the moment I stop opening tables, it doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes before I'm done and can move away from the computer. This is a great asset, not only for simple things such as going to the bathroom but also for stuff like organizing your day and keeping your poker sessions short. You may laugh at my mentioning the bathroom, but I'm sure every poker player has had a moment when they needed to go and couldn't cause they had action going on.


Another advantage is that you get VPPs fast. It's not that the hypers are giving more VPPs than other games. PokerStars has made sure to reward all players equally regardless of the format they choose so the amount of VPPs you get depends directly on how much you've spent on rake. The thing is that when you play games as fast as the hypers, the amount of points you get quickly adds up. A serious grinder of the hypers plays a few hundreds of them per day, so in a certain way they get to experience the "long run" faster. Now if you're familiar with PokerStars' VIP rewards system (and you should be), then you know that VPPs ultimately translate into money. And that is money that you can get depending entirely on the volume you had, not on your results.

The hyper turbos that I like playing are the satellites. They have a different structure than the non-satellite ones, starting with only 10BB instead of 25. At first glance some people think that winning these games is random and it's the same thing as flipping a coin. I assure you it's not. There is edge in those games, it's just that it's a lot smaller comparing to other poker variants. Take jorj95 for example, who I consider to be the best player of this format. He has been playing the hypers for years and has proven to be a winner, yet his ROI is 1%. You don't think that's impressive? What if if I told you that including his VIP benefits he has made over two million dollars? At the hypers 1% ROI means a lot.


George "jorg95" Lind

Another truth is that I enjoy playing with a short stack. I think it's fun trying to find all those little edges here and there. The more volume you put in, the faster those tiny edges will add up and make a difference. Sure you'll get a lot of crazy swings, but it's worth it! Also, because the edges are small the presence of regulars doesn't widely affect someone who is trying to qualify for a tournament. Let's say you're not really grinding the satellites, but you just want to play a satellite for the Sunday Million. Playing agains regulars doesn't affect you that much on the super short term of one or two satellites. Obviously you would prefer to play with other players who are not experienced in this format rather than playing with a bunch of regulars. What I'm trying to say is that playing against the best player of the hypers a couple of times doesn't affect you as much as let's say, sitting down to play heads-up against Phil Ivey.

So if you're interested in a fast format, want to have more control over your sessions and enjoy playing short and shoving into other people's stacks, then the hypers are the game for you! See you at the tables!