Why you are not lazy

It's hard to find a good balance between working a lot and not working enough. Sometimes I work 12 hours or more in a day, in other days I struggle to work four hours...
Would you say I am lazy in the days I struggle to work four hours?

andre_coimbra_blog_sept14.jpgAndre Coimbra "resting"

Or would you say that I am driven/workaholic in the days I work 12 hours?

Do you see yourself as a lazy person?

If you replied yes to any of these questions then this article is for you!

If you didn't reply yes..., then I still suggest that you read this article. It might change your perspective about laziness!

Once upon a time...

I will start by telling you my own laziness story...

At school I could usually perform well enough without studying much to get average grades, or at least pass the subjects. If it was a subject that I was good enough to get a B, then the teacher would say that I had good brains, but I was lazy and I wasn't using them much.

So, I started seeing myself as a lazy person and school was very boring to be honest. What I really enjoyed were computers and games!

Things started to change when I was 14 and I joined high school. The big difference was that I had three computer subjects and I really loved one of them...

I just loved programming!

Suddenly for the first time in my life I was learning something that made me feel creative!
I wanted to learn more and more and the hours I spent learning and practicing didn't feel like studying at all, they fell more like a game in the sense that it was fun.

Did you ever feel that?

Believe me, I wasn't just good at that subject, I was the best in my school!

Then I participated in a national programming contest and I finished fourth, which was pretty good considering that all the kids on the top three were two years older than me. The fourth place still allowed me to participate in the international contest in South Korea that year, which was an awesome experience!Andre Coimbra. To readers under the age of 30 that big box is a computer screen

This was 14 years ago and to this day, my programming teacher still mentions me on his classes!

Did I stop being lazy at that point?

On that same year I failed at the math tests (I found it boring), but on the teachers council, the teachers voted that I should pass because I had decent to good grades at the other subjects and I was representing the country in an international competition, which was a big deal for the school

I wanted to get better at programming, so I kept studying and practicing and what I realized was that my math knowledge (or lack of it) was starting to be a problem, because many problems involved math concepts. So, I started studying math on my own (I actually bought math books!) and in the following year I got one of the best grades in my class.

Until I finished high-school I wasn't labeled lazy anymore and the teachers would actually use me as a good example for the other students.

Did I change?

I could go on with my story and I would show you that after that there were moments when I was labeled lazy and moments when I was labeled driven, but I won't waste your time and I will go straight to my conclusion: There are no lazy people!

Everyone that gets labeled lazy is just lacking motivation to do what other people expect that person to do!

Ideally if someone says that you are lazy, you should stop doing whatever you are doing and go do something else that makes you feel creative and happy. That would most likely turn you into a driven person.

However, sometimes that's just not possible in the short term since adults have responsibilities and another solution can be to try to find a way to do things a bit differently...

In the Poker world I see players getting burned and tired of grinding the same thing over and over again. If you are one of those players, just try to learn and play a different format that you consider fun/interesting. It might do the trick!

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