All about the money, but not how you think

I can now cross out one more thing from my bucket list: star in a movie.

Okay, it was not a big screen movie. It's a 3-minute short film made by PokerStars for PokerStars Team Pro Online, but that is still quite an experience. We shot in London while I was there with my family to play the EPT, and the crew of 918 Films was basically glued to us for two entire days.


It was pretty entertaining to watch people coming by trying to figure out which celebrity the cameras were taping. Was it me, my wife, or son? They failed to find a star. I'm definitely not a celebrity. I just happen to be decent at playing poker and blogging about it. The film itself turned out to be rather different from other Team Onliner's short films. Instead of being a biography, it tries to give viewers my take on poker and the values it can provide. It can change your perspective on things.

Two full days of shooting with two cameras, 300gb of footage (I can only guess, but I bet), tons of hours of pos-production and editing resulted in that 3-minute short film you are about to watch. I do hope you would like it.

You can watch it by clicking here.