How to satellite into WCOOP

It's almost that time of the year again, WCOOP is upon us and as always PokerStars is offering a little something for everyone. All the different formats are represented and the buy-ins span from $109 and all the way to a $51,000 Super High-Roller.

Every time there is a big tournament series like this some of the best stories to come out of them are the underdog stories of people that satellite their way into events for a fraction of the buy-in and manage to turn it into a huge payday.

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I feel like a lot has already been written about how satellite strategies differs from normal tournaments or cash games (remember you don't need to win all the chips to win!), so instead I decided to use this blog to take a look at the different kind of satellites that are offered for WCOOP so you can figure out which one best suit your bankroll and style.


Deadline Satellites

In my opinion these offer some of the best value of all the satellites. Most of them start about an hour before the target tournament and guarantees a huge amount of seats (usually around 5-100, and often end up generating even more). They are offered at different buy-ins but usually they cost around 1/3 of the price of the tournament you are trying to qualify into. If that sounds a bit too steep don't worry though, there will also be plenty of sub-satellites so you can win your way into the Deadlines for less money. These are the satellites that I would recommend first for most people, the only thing to keep in mind is that by the time the satellite ends the WCOOP tournament will have started so you can't unregister and just take the Tournament Dollars.

FPP Satellites

If you don't feel like investing any too much of your bankroll trying to qualify but have some extra FPPs lying around this is the perfect option for you. The FPP buy-ins span from just 1 and all the way to 100,000 and are always fast tournaments either in the turbo or hyper format, and essentially there are two different kind of FPP satellites. The first ones are normal satellites where winning immediately gives you a seat into the tournament, the other ones are Mega-Paths where you can start on as little as round 1 satellites for 1 FPP and are trying to win your way to round 8 where you can win a $5200 Main Event seat. You can buy-in and start at any round that you want to though so it's mostly just a question of how much time and FPPs you want to invest.

Actually I remember winning a PCA package in a similar tournament where one of the qualifiers got in for 16 FPPS, so it's definitely possible!

Turbo Rebuys (2x,3x turbos)

These games are some of the most popular satellites and perfect for people who like to win a seat fast and play a tournament that includes lots of gambling and a really fast structure. They run pretty much 24/7 and always end up generating multiple seat to any tournament. My biggest tip if you want to play these is to make sure you are willing to keep on rebuying. The add-on usually offers more chips than the rebuy so there is a big reward if you can hang in there. For that reason I would recommend being willing to spend at least ten units in these games ($10 for a $1r 3x for example)

The Rest

There are plenty of other satellites as well. There are the Hyper Deeps that starts out 500 Big blinds deep and then later turns into turbos, just Deepstacks that starts out with 500 Big blinds but never turns into turbos. If you are just looking to play a quick SNG and don't want to wait for a scheduled sattelite to start there are Hypers as well and regular Step Tournaments where you can win tickets for $215, $700 and $2100 events. As we get closer to WCOOP I am sure even more satellites will be added but hopefully this little guide will help you decide which kind best suits you.

Have fun and remember, I wont Million!

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