Ronaldo hits Russia

It's not every day I get to meet an international superstar. It's even more rare that I get to host one in my home country. That's just what happened the other day.

PokerStars recently held a promotion that awarded eight players the opportunity to meet and hang out with Brazilian football legend Ronaldo in Moscow. Thanks to the fact Team Online recently added me to its stable, I had the opportunity to hang out with the legend himself.


Along with Ivan Demidov, the winners and I played poker and partied with one of the greatest to ever play his game. Meeting Ronaldo was amazing, but I was just as impressed with the winners. Not only were they all great poker players, they were also very fun to hang out with.

Being a member of Team Online has already been an amazing experience. It's crazy how many new friends I've been able to make. I never would've thought one of those friends would be someone as famous as Ronaldo.

My only problem is that I now can't wait for something like this to happen again!


Liliya 'Liay5' Novikova is a member of Team Online