Sharing the happiness

When you share a piece of cake with someone, each of you gets half the enjoyment. But when you share happiness, it's not half. It's double. The same thing goes for big dreams.

The WSOP Main Event is coming closer - only about a week to go until I'm taking off for Vegas, so most of my energy goes into travel and live poker preparations.

Since my last blog entry I have released another two episodes for my YouTube video blog.

#3 Vegas Support Package

#4 Live Poker Poses


I just uploaded the final episode before leaving Germany for my favorite city in the world and making the dream come true.

As promised, I am going to give away 1% of my WSOP 2015 Main Event action to the winner of a special private $1.10 tournament for YouTube followers on PokerStars. In order to register for that tourney just watch this week's video blog episode #5 and use the tournament ID plus password given out at the end. It will be played out on June 28th at 20:30 CET and I will be streaming it on Twitch. Speaking of Twitch, I'm also rewarding my loyal Twitch subscribers by giving away yet another 1% of my WSOP 2015 Main Event action in another private $1.10 tournament. In order to register for that, you need to be a subscriber on my channel and simply check our inbox for the password which I will be sending to you privately.

Enjoy this week's vlog episode, and good luck on Sunday!

Felix Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online