Team Corgi?

team pro corgi.jpg

So, I'm proud to announce the new Mexican Team Pro Online!

Ready to see him?


No, not really, but still a better player than tourneydonks

His name is Dante, like the writer of Divine Comedy. He is a happy three-month-old Welsh Corgi Pembroke who poops all day and bites everything in his reach. He has been quite a handful.

A little less than two months ago, a friend brought me and my girlfriend a mini-dachshund as a gift. Sadly, it was a sick puppy and had quite the melodramatic death collapsing in my girlfriend's arms. We had to rush him to the hospital while we tried to resuscitate him without really knowing what we were doing. So, understandably we were very paranoid about Dante's health. Our fears quickly became true. He was diagnosed with parvovirus, a very deadly canine virus that kills two out of every three puppies infected. We assume he caught it from the other puppy, despite a thorough cleaning.


Hoooold, one time!

But, after four long days with an IV in the pet's hospital, Dante sucked out on death!

Now he is back with us, a healthy survivor and ready to fulfill his poop-machine duties.


Draw me like one of your french girls