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Albert Einstein once said that 'Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in School', while Mahatma Gandhi has been quoted as saying we should 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever'.

Learning is something that every single one of us does intuitively from the moment of birth onwards. Some seem better at it than others, grasping concepts at an incredibly fast rate while others take a bit longer to soak in and retain new information. That, however, is one of the reasons the world is such an interesting place. If we were all the same it would indeed be quite dull.

Competition wouldn't be quite the same either. Imagine if all the players in an event you were taking part in had equal knowledge of both the game and how their opponents play? The fact that some players are adept at learning new information, and gaining tells while the game is in progress, gives them an edge.

So, we agree learning is good!

The story of Twitch streamer gorgeous_gamer

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Having started streaming as a gamer over a year ago, playing games such as League of Legends (her Brother is ranked among the top players of League of Legends) and Hearthstone, a game also played by PokerStars Pro Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, she stumbled across poker and quickly became intrigued.

Her approach is quite simple, to learn the rules and skills needed to succeed while playing live on her Twitch channel. By learning 'live on air' she feels that this has helped her improve and master the game's techniques.


"Usually people find it funny that I play while looking at my Poker chart and taking notes on Poker vocabulary," she says. "Nevertheless, viewers realise that I really would like to learn and are happy to help and share their knowledge."

Gorgeous_gamer also stumbled across PokerSchoolOnline, the official PokerStars poker school, and reached out to them.

"I heard about PokerSchoolOnline from some of my viewers who recommended it as a great place to learn about the game and improve my skills. It's both educational and fun and an ideal place to learn for any level starting from Beginners to Intermediate."

Team PokerStars Online pro Andre Coimbra coached gorgeous_gamer in a live broadcast on the PokerSchoolOnline Twitch channel. You can watch a replay of the entertaining show by clicking here.

Who knows where gorgeous_gamer's journey will end? She could become one of the World's most famous poker players, who can tell? All we do know is that she is certainly on the right path, and the passion and dedication that she has shown so far will serve her well, not only in the game of poker, but the game of life.

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