Topless Team Online

Do you have a couple pieces of favorite fancy clothing you like to wear for special occasions, meetings or more specifically poker events? I do! Sometimes I even activate the laundromat for a single run just to wash and be able to bring along my beloved shirts or hoodies. Whether it's for reasons of confidence, vanity, nostalgia or even a little bit of superstition I don't mind. It's just something that makes me feel good on any given day - hence it can only be a positive freeroll, right?

Last year was my very first year on Team Online, and my very first PCA experience came with it. Needless to say I brought my favorite shirts that year and sported them on different occasions. One of them was my first visit to the Atlantis water park which is a huge and fun place. Upon returning home and opening my bag I realized I was missing a fancy shirt of mine which got me wondering how that could have happened. It occurred to me the same night that the explanation was very simple: I must have left it on one of the countless beach chairs after undressing for water park action.

"No biggie," I told myself, "won't happen again!"

Boy, was I wrong. Fast forward one year. It's my second year on Team Online and my second trip to the Bahamas for PCA 2015. After wrapping up on business, poker and Team Online meetings. I joined the 2015 Team Online water park crew consisting of DaWarsaw, Frosty, Ladymace86, CoreySteel and his girlfriend for some fun times at the lazy river and slides.

When I got to my room afterwards, I received a tweet from Frosty asking me if I was missing a patched up white shirt.

He was nice enough to pick it up from the beach chairs, and I told him I would come over to his room to get it back. We happened to meet up for dinner, went to a bar, and chilled out on the patio the entire night - so we basically both forgot about my shirt.


I left the Bahamas the next morning heading towards Miami where 30 minutes of free wifi surprised me with another tweet from Frosty:


So it happened again. I may have officially created a tradition leaving my fancy shirts behind in the Bahamas. This time my teammate picked it up, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see it go up on ebay anytime soon - after all that would make up for a well deserved troll!

What I learned from this? Always buy at least a second copy of your favorite shirts!

Felix "xflixx" Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online