RPT Moscow: Russian Team Pros enjoying home game

rpt.jpgIt's fair to say that Team PokerStars Pro covers the globe. It has world champions in the US, Australia and Denmark, and a selection of the highest quality performers from all continents in between. At day two of the PokerStars-sponsored Russian Poker Tour event in Moscow, it was fitting that the two home stars were stealing the show.

Russians Ivan Demidov, final tablist at last year's World Series of Poker, and Alex Kravchenko both made it through the day and into the last 36. While Kravchenko was never huge in chips, he did accumulate steadily and ended with 83,500, while Demidov flirted with 170,000.


Alex Kravchenko

With 122 sitting down at the start of play (more than half of the 206 starters in the $7,000 event), it seemed there was a rush for the exit as it took only eight hours to rattle through the field to the required 36, who will be back on day three to play down to a final table.

Among those falling were Team Pros Chad Brown and Katja Thater - the latter unlucky when her K-K was outdrawn by A-Q which made a wheel straight on the river. Ouch. Also exiting was Oleg Suntsov, who won the first RPT event in St Petersburg earlier in the year.

Full coverage of RPT Moscow is happening over on our Russian PokerStars Blog, where blogger Pavel Sychev is bringing you all the news and pics. You can look at those even if you can't read a word of Russian.

We'll report back here tomorrow (Sun) on who made it to the final table - and whether a Russian member of Team PokerStars Pro will still be hunting down the RPT Moscow crown, which comes with a very attractive 14,323,000 rubles first prize - that's about $445,000 to you and me.


Ivan Demidov