The Team PokerStars Pro Chip Orchestra

teampro-thumb.JPGYou probably know a lot about Team PokerStars Pro. You know about the members' wins, bad beats, and records. You probably think you know everything about them. Chances are, though, you do not.

Do you know which member of Team Pro could likely destroy you in a game of racquetball?

Do you know which Team Pro helped produce an...(ahem)...erotic film...and then wrote a book about it?

Do you know how many Team Pros spent time hustling in pool halls before turning to poker?

That's all some halfway decent trivia. We may have a contest one day. For now, though, an answer without a question.

As it turns out, Team PokerStars Pro is made up of a bunch of fairly unique musicians.

You doubt me?

Well, just take a look at the video below from

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