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Playing a round with Daniel Negreanu

ps_news_thn.jpgThe PCA was not just about poker. There was plenty of other stuff going on, including a golf match between Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu and some lucky freeroll qualifiers. One of them, Michael Jensen, tells the story here...

by Michael Jensen

I'm the type of golfer that'll drive the ball straight and long off the tee only to chunk the approach in the following shot. I'll drain a putt when it's for double bogey, but when it's for par, the outcome isn't quite the same. I made a birdie putt during the '07 WSOP. Gbecks can vouch for me. Finally, when there's money on the line, I'm destined to play my worst. I'm terrible under pressure. It's not that much of an issue on the green felt, but I'm a lock to choke with a club in hand with $20 on the line.

Even so, I still enjoy to play here and there and when I saw that there was to be a freeroll to play with Daniel Negreanu that was definitely something that I wanted to win. I said that I was going to practice and even get a lesson, but neither of those actually happened. I came out to the Bahamas with a pair of golf shoes that would make you think I was an actual golfer and hopes that I wouldn't embarrass myself too much.

We met up with Daniel and the other qualifiers in the lobby before we took the shuttle to the course. Ironically, Erik had knocked me out of the main event the day before. So, when he knocked me out, I said: "Ill see you tomorrow for golf."


Daniel Negreanu in more familiar surroundings

It was a cold and windy day, but the tab was on PokerStars and it was also a good excuse to get out of the hotel. Daniel brought his caddy. I just had that nice pair of golf shoes. I had a couple nice drives followed by endless sporadic shots that went every which way but straight. I wouldn't typically mind except that it was 'cart paths only' which makes it a real drag when you spray it in the exact opposite direction of the cart path. It was exercise, I suppose.

Daniel played pretty well, but it's easier to hit it straight when your caddy is there. No worries, Daniel. I wish I had a caddy myself. Daniel hits the ball straight. Once he puts a little more into his drive, he'll be quite the golfer.

Shortly before we finished up, I yelled out a warning to Daniel. Normally he wouldn't be in harms-way, but this me playing here. I sliced it dead right and twenty feet or so over Daniel's head. That would have been one way for him to have been knocked out of the main event!

Thanks for the round, Daniel. Let's negotiate terms to play Big Two. You're a hell of a poker player, but I'm a favorite here. Maybe you'll learn a few things.

Want to take a look at the golf match with Daniel? Here it is in glorious moving pictures....

Watch PCA 2010: Golf with Daniel Negreanu on PokerStars.tv
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