As the Stars Tweet: EPT San Remo

teampro-thumb.JPGIt's been a busy month for the European Poker Tour. First, there was the European Poker Tour London that saw Benny Spindler top a field of 691 to win the first-place prize of £750,000. And then, it all moved to Italy, where things recently wrapped up at EPT San Remo.

One of the most popular stops on the EPT every year, San Remo tends to attract the best players in the world, including a bevy of PokerStars Team Pros. All told, 837 players entered the event this year's Main Event, and while we don't want to spoil the outcome, we will tell you that all the details, including the winner, can be found in the Live Events section of the PokerStars Blog. So, if you haven't checked that out yet, be sure to do so.

When it comes to dishing out information and updates, Twitter has proven an effective and favorite method of poker players. We scoured the Twitter timelines during EPT San Remo, and sure enough there was plenty of fodder to keep any poker fan gratified.

For instance, reigning world champion and Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel was busy serving as a poker ambassador, which seemed to be a pretty sweet gig after he tweeted the following: "Day off in San Remo, this is the view from my hotel room, just beautiful !!"


Another Pro who was busy tweeting while on his flight to San Remo, was Team Pro Lex Veldhuis: "Boarding flight to Nice en route to EPT San Remo. Really excited to play there. #legroomwin."

He even included the following pic:


Anyone who travels will tell you that scoring some extra legroom, or especially a seat next to an empty one, is some much-appreciated run good. Whether it was due to the extra space or his superior play, Veldhuis survived the first day of the EPT San Remo. He even found time to unwind a bit afterward: "Played tennis today with @raemonsluiter. I really miss playing tennis. I miss the blisters a little less though! Tomorrow day 2 #EPTSanRemo."

Others joining Veldhuis on Day 2 were some of his fellow PokerStars Team Pros, who also took to Twitter to express their good Day 1 fortune:

Johnny Lodden: "Don't have WIFI at the casino in San Remo so don't get to tweet any pots :( At least I can tell you I had a good day and packed 113,800!"

Vanessa Selbst: "Finished day San Remo 1B w/ 164k, top 5 in chips. Gonna try to not suck at day 2, which I often do, according to @scott_seiver (it's true)."

The latter stages of the tournament were kind to most of the aforementioned pros. Veldhuis got a surprise gift through the bad play of an opponent, which he related on Twitter:

"Hoooly ... I minraise KK utg to 4k. Mid pos shoves 120k. I call and win vs AK. 320k now. I'm in shock #EPTSanRemo."

Selbst actually managed to accomplish her goal set forth in the above tweet by surviving Day 2, a feat she celebrated by going out to dinner with some pretty exclusive company: @Tattytats @Matthew_Waxman @liv_boeree @KevinMacPhee @scott_seiver @mcleankarr mare blu for dinner break sounds good imo."

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to survive the poker tournament minefield. Duhamel was one casualty, though he passed his time in one of the EPT San Remo's many side events: "Strong start in #EPTSanRemo €2k Side Event, 95k after 4h20 of play, starting stack was 20k, 230/280 players still in."

Likewise, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier fell early, which gave him plenty of time to check out the cash game action: "About to play televised cash game at #eptsanremo . You can watch live streaming at // Dario and Max Martinez! #fun."

As Days 3 through 5 passed by, the field slowly narrowed until players were in the money. Selbst managed a 40th-place finish, good for €14,000, while Veldhuis went a bit deeper: "Busted 15th. Thanks so much for the support everyone. Flying home tonight. Going to be defending title tomorrow at Dutch Open."

With Selbst and Veldhuis down, Lodden was the last Team PokerStars Pro standing. Headed into Day 5, where the field was set to play down to the final table, Lodden took a page from Selbst's book and had a relaxing dinner with some good friends: "Had a great dinner with Lex, Fatima and Raymond! Now I`m tired and gonna have a good night sleep before I cruise into the FT tomorrow!! :)"

What does Johnny Lodden think is the right amount of calories to consume to get one to the final table? We're not sure of the answer, or what he ate for that matter, but we do know it propelled him awfully close to the final table, coming up just shy, in ninth place for €45,000: "Busted on the final table bubble :( All-in in a chipleader pot with AK vs QQ.. #Ept wish all the players at the Final Table in San Remo best of luck today!!"

Lodden was gracious after his elimination, which set the stage for a stacked final table.

One man who made his way there was poker veteran Barny Boatman, who received an outpouring of support from the poker community, including from Team PokerStars Pro (United Kingdom) Vicky Coren: "Best poker news in a long time: @BarnyBoatman is in the EPT final in San Remo! I'm so so happy for him, this is one for the good guys."

To learn if Boatman captured the €680,000 first-place prize, you'll just have to head on over to the Live Events section of the PokerStars Blog.

We will give you a hint though, a final, cryptic tweet from Boatman: "A massive thanks for the overwhelming support from friends and strangers. You guys have made me feel great. Cheers."

Chad Holloway
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Pro