As the Stars Tweet: Biking, temple running, and more

teampro-thumb.JPGAfter busting from the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event in Cannes, France, dozens of professional poker players migrated northeast to Sanremo, Italy, for the next stop on the ninth season of the European Poker Tour: EPT Sanremo.

If you catch the right train, the trip from Cannes to Sanremo is approximately one hour and ten minutes, and it only costs a handful of euros.

If you're Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier or Eugene Katchalov however, you don't take a train from Cannes to Sanremo -- you hop on a bike.

"Heading out to San Remo now!" Katchalov tweeted on Friday along with a photo of him and Grospellier, both in matching biking outfits, outside of the Majestic Barière.


Seven hours later, which included a pit stop in Monaco for lunch, Katchalov and Grospellier arrived in Sanremo and received a champion's welcome.

"Nothing like finally arriving in S.Remo and being greeted by Edgar Stulchy (President of EPT) w 2 bottles of champagne!"


Both Katchalov and Grospellier busted from the EPT Sanremo Main Event early, perhaps they're planning to hop on their bikes and travel to the next EPT stop in Prague, Czech Republic.

Daniel Negreanu, who also busted from the Main Event, is not going to be hopping on a bike and traveling from country to country anytime soon. While in Sanremo, he's elected to do his running with his iPad or iPhone: "New High Score in Temple Run Brave 13,328,251 beat that one. Looks like I found something to do today in San Remo lol."

After grinding Temple Run a little longer, Negreanu hooked up with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier for some open-faced Chinese poker.

"Not sure if there is something more fun than playing Chinese w @JasonMercier + @scott_seiver but I'll let you know when I find out #mashing."

According to his Twitter account, Mercier played 21 consecutive hours of open-faced Chinese after busting from the Main Event.

"21 hours straight. Many 10-20k swings...happy that @RealKidPoker and @scott_seiver got outta here #justgoodluck...#forme!!!"

Like Negreanu, Dutchman Lex Veldhuis has been gaming as of late. Most of his tweets are concentrated on his FIFA '13 ultimate team, which includes superior footballers like Iniesta, Xavi, Dani Alves, and Mario Balotellui. Unlike Negreanu, Veldhuis decided to get outside and actually play a sport:

"Gonna play some tennis with @Fatimademelo before EPT San Remo day 1B stars."

Neither Team Pro tweeted about the results, but we would favor the three-time Olympic medalist de Melo.

Jude Ainsworth, who unfortunately bubbled the Main Event, was uncertain as to whether or not he was going to play in a €2,000 side event after busting, so he left it up to chance.

"Can't make up my mind play or go, going to flip for it," he tweeted.

Less than two minutes later, the verdict was in.

"Coin says play."

They say you need to win flips to win tournaments, and only time will tell whether or not that flip was a winner or a loser.

Rich Ryan
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Pro