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As the Stars Tweet: Bungee jumping, landing gear, and more

Over the past few weeks, "As The Stars Tweet" has featured many tweets and statuses from Team PokerStars Pros Eugene Katchalov and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, and their travels around Europe and Asia. This past week, they were in Macau for the PokerStars Asia Championship of Poker, and, unsurprisingly, Grospellier did something really cool.

He bungee jumped off of the Macau Tower.

"About to go RISE on top of the Macau tower and jump from the highest bungy jump in the world. I'm so scared of heights too...#faceyourfears."

Great Batman reference, ElkY.

Grospellier tweeted out a picture of his jump, calling it "pure bliss."

"Here is the jump. So scary all the way except once I let myself go and then pure bliss! One of my hardest victory!"



Eugene Katchalov was there, but chose not to jump. He offered a few kind words for Licon Rodrigues, an MMA fighter who also made the jump.

"The definition of a man with NO fear! Highest Bungie Jump in the world. Lincon Rodrigues is my hero. #Macau"

We're sure we'll have more tweets from this duo next week - their travels have supplied us with endless amounts of entertainment.

Victor Ramdin had a little bit of a scare in the air as well last week. He was flying to Toronto when the plane he was on had a landing gear malfunction. Here's what Ramdin had to say in consecutive tweets:

"I am having a blasst playing @PokerStars...after having a scare on my flight from Wichita to Toronto the landing gear of the plane was...Stuck and it took approx 1 hr in the air for the pilot to figure out what to do We finally landed only to be on the runway for another hr."

Thankfully, Ramdin and the rest of the passengers and crew were OK.

Christophe De Meulder would not have been able to land that plane, but soon enough he'll be able to drive a car around his home country of Belgium and the rest of Europe. De Meulder tweeted on Monday, "On the road again...:) #drivinglessons."

On November 6th, De Meulder tweeted that he was just starting his lessons, and that, "For the next 2 hours the roads are gonna be a little more dangerous."

Christophe's brother and fellow Team Pro Matthias had an interesting encounter on the road last week, but he wasn't driving:

"@wejo13 and I spent most of last night at the police station after some crazy guy attacked out cab. He kicked and punched the car and punched off the side mirror lol. He was huge and must've been on a cocktail of drugs. We rock-paper-scissored it for who had to testify and I lost...All said and done the cab driver will prolly have to pay for everything as the suspect only had 70 cent on him and a used condom lol..."

It's a crazy story, but De Meulder's final tweet about the story brings clarity to the situation.


Jude Ainsworth didn't have any transportation issues last week, but he did receive an Irish Poker Award in the mail:

"Arrived by courier today thank you to whoever forwarded it."

Another Team Pro who actually tweeted about poker was Jason Mercier. He crushed a game of open-faced Chinese poker aboard his flight to the recent World Poker Tour stop in Jacksonville, Florida.

"Almost won my buyin on the 1 hour flight off @noahjschwartz and @mattgiannetti ... Only played $25/pt OFC #slaughtered."

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: It's never ending.

Finally, we finish this week's edition with a few very random tweets from Daniel Negreanu. Warning: These are really, really random.

"Is there a video game that simulates robbing banks? I think I'd be good at it but don't want to try it for real. I'd be too popular in jail."

"I'd also be good at being homeless but crashing weddings and abandoned houses and buildings to sleep it. Like Curly Sue!"

"Told a waitress today that she had a really cool mouth. These gems just come to me. It's a gift. She'll never forget that one! #awkard."

Alcohol and Twitter just don't mix. See you next week!

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