As the Stars Tweet: From the Olympics to ice cream sandwiches

teampro-thumb.JPGEveryone was in full-Olympics mode last week, even the members of Team PokerStars Pro. Some were fortunate enough to go to London and enjoy the games in person, but others were forced to follow along from the sidelines, and even reminisce about high school.

"Pretty random, watching my first event of the Olympics. Watching Bekele of Ethiopia run the 10k. I used to run long distance in high school," Daniel Negreanu tweeted. We know Negreanu's a star on the golf course, but we might have to set him up on a cross country run to check the validity of that tweet. And whom does KidPoker root for if Canada is not in the running? It's random. "When Canada isn't in contention I randomly root based on inexplicable logic. Rooting on the Russians in beach volleyball. They seem cool," he tweeted. That tweet seemed to get him some flack though, shortly after, he tweeted, "Geez so many haters. What's wrong with rooting for the underdog? I mean, who even knew Russians played beach volleyball!"

Liv Boeree was definitely rooting on her home country and host of the 2012 Olympic games, but she also had time to play practical jokes - on her unassuming stepfather. "Today, I have mostly been playing practical jokes on my sleeping StepDad."


After her tweets about Andy Murry and Great Britain's showjumping gold, Boeree had to get in on the action herself. "Trying desperately to get tickets to any olympic athletics events. Anyone know any tips as to how/when to search on the website?"

Did she score?



It wasn't all about the Olympics for Team PokerStars Pro. Vanessa Rousso made her way to Toronto for the ESPN NHL Classic, where she not only played in the charity poker tournament but she gave an impromptu coaching session too. "Played really well at NHL Shootout charity event today then enjoyed dinner w some of the world's best hockey players!"


The Pros were back online over the weekend for the Red Spade Open. Negreanu finally got himself registered for the tournament after being kicked out of a hotel he was staying in. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was using his time online as a warm up. "First Time playing on @PokerStars since #SCOOP2012, wow I missed it ! Warm up before my comeback at #EPTBarcelona . Time to RISE again!" And Team Pro Celina Lin was having a rough go at it. "Tournaments @PokerStars r tough when u have a bounty on ur head worth twice as much as the buy in! #RedSpadeOpen."
And we'll leave you with our favorite tweets from the past week and they're from David Williams - only because he knows the way to our hearts - ice cream and cookies.

"What if I told you there was a place that specialized in ice cream cookie sandwiches? Pick from 10 fresh baked cookies and 20 ice creams."

Yes David, what if you told us that....

"It's real. Sweet Addiction in Las Vegas on Ft. Apache."