As the Stars Tweet: Futbol, WCOOP, and More

teampro-thumb.JPGLast week, members of Team PokerStars Pro were still in Barcelona for the European Poker Tour. We could bore you with chip-count tweets, but we're sure you want to know about all of the fun things they did away from the felt.

One night, the tournament finished up early and a number of pros were able to check out the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match.

"Playing last level before we run to the stadium. 80k @ 400/800," tweeted Angel Guillen.

Liv Boree was also in attendance, as was Matthias de Meulder, and his group of friends. Went to see Barca - Real w @Crispokers @SpaceyFCB @Civel & @backieken


Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier is super pumped about WCOOP, which begins next week. "Sooo excited about #WCOOP2012 coming up soon on @PokerStars Time to ship that 3rd bracelet !!! Can't wait to learn from @EugeneKatchalov," he tweeted.

And not only is Grospellier, excited, he has a positive mindset. Shortly after busting the High Roller, he tweeted, "Oh well I guess next victory will taste even sweeter now. Being handicapped by bad run is only fair lol. #WCOOP2012 on @PokerStars next!"

Speaking of WCOOP, Daniel Negreanu is ready to head to Toronto for his WCOOP grind. "I'm going to play all the #WCOOP on PokerStars in Toronto and don't think it's wise for me to go back to Europe after that. I'm over this."

A few days later, Negreanu got a little morbid, tweeting about funerals. "The idea of making payments on your funeral while alive just doesn't compute for me. Spending money on a box you will be dead in? Why?" We're just going to leave it at that. Talking about funerals is depressing and we're too happy for that.

While in Barcelona, Jason Mercier supplemented his time on the felts with a little open-faced Chinese back in the room. But things didn't go his way, and someone (or something) has to pay. In this case, it was a deck of cards.


PokerStars hit a milestone last week, dealing its 85 billionth hand. Bryan Huang was up in the wee hours of the night waiting for it to hit. "It's nearing 4am where I am but I am UP waiting for... the 85th Billion hand on @Pokerstars to be dealt. Get on the tables now! "
It finally did and Chad Brown tweeted out congratulations to the winner. "Congrats to @PokerStars and the players at the josephina table for the 85th billion hand that was dealt. All players at table split over 96k."

And we're going to leave you with our favorite photo from last week. It comes from Liv Boeree and reminds us of our childhood, looking through kaleidoscopes. "Visiting La Sagrada Família with @KevinMacPhee . Most beautiful, ethereal building I've ever seen."