As the Stars Tweet: Searching for gold in the desert

ps_news_thn.jpgThere are a number of Team PokerStars Pros hunting for gold in the desert this summer. Some are going to any lengths possible -- even if they aren't totally up to speed on the game they're playing. Liv Boeree was one of them, recently tweeting, "Debating whether to play the NL 2-7 today. Never played it before, don't really know the rules. Sounds perfect." And of course, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier had to add the needle, "@Liv_Boeree I'm sure u will be great at 2-7 NL......#fortheprizepool." Not only that, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was also trying to persuade Boeree to get in on the action, @Liv_Boeree you should definitely play it then, best chance to win for sure + it's such a fun action game ! Lots of bluffing, soul reading." And then Boeree reminds Mercier about tapping the glass, "@elkypoker @JasonMercier thanks Elky. Mercier needs a lesson in not tapping the glass."

And then there was the Team Pro helping the other Team Pro. Viktor Blom tweeted, "Day 2 tomorrow in 10k horse with 57700 chips, im v excited about it, ty @RealKidPoker for giving me quick course in the games earlier today." Wasn't that nice of Daniel?

We all know that long days at the tables can wear on one's soul, and that's definitely evident at the World Series of Poker. The schedule is so long and daunting. However, you can always work on things like tilt control while you're there." Grospellier was working on tilt control during the $10K H.O.R.S.E event, "HORSE is pretty good to work on your tilt control," he tweeted. And then you can always de-stress at the tables like Daniel Negreanu, "De-stressing by playing NinJump on my IPAD. Mindless entertainment worth a download in the App store."

And it's not just poker that can cause stress, as David Williams found out one unlucky day at the Rio. Here is a series of tweets from Williams regarding his lunch and a not-so-nice player.

"Some dbag stopped the delivery person for @AllAmericanDave and told them they were me and ate my lunch. Dave replaced it for me but...When he went over to the guy who stole my lunch the guy said he took it 'cause he was hungry' and didn't feel he should pay...He finally settled on paying $20 when individual means (not part of a package) are $30...The thief just came and tapped me on the shoulder and said 'you just cost me $20 because of your delicious lunch' smiling...I said cause you stole my food? He said 'dude, I thought the girl was selling sandwiches or something' and tried to play it off...I said 'selling them for free? Or on the pay later plan?' He said 'dude its not like that' and walked off...To all the people suggesting I should have punched the guy...I'm not going to jeopardize my WSOP. But I will call him out. Table 52 Seat 3."

A few media sites went on the search for the lunch thief. Here's his photo courtesy of PokerNews.


And if you don't think the poker bug affects everyone in the family, just use this series of tweets from Jason Mercier to prove you wrong.

"My fiancé told me she had a dream last night that her and Phil Ivey were chasing @Phil_Hellmuth around the Rio because he stole a bag of gold coins....Stealing all the gold as usual eh? @phil_hellmuth...and obv Ivey is the one trying to stop him. #predictablepokerplayergirlfrienddreams"

We all know Daniel Negreanu is pretty good at reading people, but what about telling the future? Negreanu put his guess out there for the number of players he believes will enter the $50K Players Championship. "My guess for the $50K Players Championship this year is 93. When I asked Mark Gregorich he also guessed exactly 93!" Negreanu tweeted. We'll have to wait and see if his crystal ball was correct.

Kid Poker also received a bit of good luck when he went to cash his 45th-place finish from Event #8. "Went to cash my 45th place finish lady says "about time" and informs me that I never picked up $25k from 2010 TOC! Score! Running good!... Yes I know that sounds absurd and humble braggish but I was so excited I feel like I won something!!!" Wish we could find an extra $25K that was owed to us!

And until next time, David Williams reminds us of one very important thing, "Never give up."