As the Stars Tweet: Space jumping, playing uncle, and more

teampro-thumb.JPGSometimes, in poker, you have to take a leap of faith. Whether you're faced with an all-in bet for your tournament life or you're about to pull the trigger on a massive, three-barrel bluff, it takes a bit of courage to be able to close your eyes and jump.

Well on Sunday, Felix Baumgartner took a literal leap of faith, jumping out of a helium balloon 128,000 feet above the Earth's surface. The Red Bull Stratos mission wowed a handful of Team PokerStars Pros, including Daniel Negreanu who was initially confused.

"Watching this thing live right now but have no clue what I'm watching?" he tweeted.

Minutes later, he retweeted one of his followers who was able to clarify what was happening.

Fellow pro Liv Boeree knew exactly what was happening, tweeting, "If you aren't watching RIGHT NOW, you are missing out big time #livejump #spacejump." And, while she didn't use her "one time," she crossed her fingers for Baumgartner's safety: "He's about to jump. Fingers crossed for you sir. #livejump."

When he landed, Boeree exhaled and added, "What an absolute legend #spacejump #livejump."

Angel Guillen was more subtle, tweeting, "Red Bull, anyone?"

Richard Toth used a poker-friendly adjective to describe the feat: "Watching Baumgartner's jump live @ #sicko #livejump."

For those of you who missed the space jump, here's a little taste

Back on Earth, Team Pro Jason Mercier was spending some quality family time with his nephew Caleb in Florida.

Mercier takes full credit for Caleb's good looks, tweeting, "Me and my nephew Caleb... He gets his good looks from me #justgoodgenes."

At this rate, there's a good chance that Caleb's first words will either be "when will it end" or "mashing."


While Mercier was playing Uncle in Florida, David Williams was playing Magic the Gathering out in San Jose, California. Williams and his teammates Matt Sperling and Paul Reitzl took down the Grand Prix San Jose, earning $6,600 in the process.

"We did it! @mtg_law_etc, @paulrietzl and I just won GP San Jose!" Williams tweeted.

Believe it or not, there is poker being played on Earth, and both Raymond Wu and Bryan Huang are in Korea for the Seoul Poker Cup. Wu took down an event on Sunday, while Huang is enjoying the atmosphere and the Dom.

Wu: "Won the 500k event at Seoul Poker Cup for just under 6 million Korean won! Not bad! 2nd place Toma played very well!"


Huang: "Love these glow in the dark bottles of Dom Perignon #Seoul #Gangnamstyle #clubOctogan."


Rich Ryan
@PokerStars in Team PokerStars Pro