As the Stars Tweet: What have the Pros been up to?

teampro-thumb.JPGOver the summer, the members of Team PokerStars Pro were on a hunt for gold in the desert, but after the long arduous grind there needs to be a little bit of a break. Before the European Poker Tour kicks off in Barcelona, we wanted to take a look at what the Pros have been up to on their time off.

Liv Boeree got in touch with nature. In late July she tweeted, "Going tentless camping on Mount Charleston! See y'all in a couple days."

Lex Veldhuis was working on his tennis game, "Been playing tennis again last few days. My backhand is annoying me to a point where I almost feel like there is no point in playing," - well, kind of. But a few days later, Veldhuis was in Holland again and ready to put in the work - online and on the courts it seemed. "Back in Holland for a few weeks. Main plans are tennis and PLO. Really wanna put the hours in. Happy to be able to play online again."

Jason Mercier was on baby duty during his time off. "This is what I did all day...Took care of my 2 month old nephew. #babywatcher," he tweeted.


Daniel Negreanu gave out some handy advice. "Sometimes cutting your losses is the best way to move forward and make real progress. What you've lost is no longer yours. Your choice to chase... If you want to support a family playing poker you need a plan, discipline and INTENSE drive. Without all three you are doomed to fail... Instead of focusing on how much you can make, spend more time focusing on how to spend less. Money saved is money earned. Cliché, but true.... If I had $5000 to my name and no borrowing resources I would work 70 hours a week until I was able to build a bankroll. Hard work pays off."

Boeree made it out of her tentless adventure just fine and was off to Toronto to check out the CN Tower, and a "Nightmare" experience.


And obviously there were a lot of pros paying attention to the 2012 Olympics.

Mercier: it's the @MichaelPhelps show!! Freerolling now. Bet over 2 gold medals where 2 is a push.... #lockitupson

"Wake up just in time to witness complete domination... Serena williams #mashing sharapova in gold medal match #teamUSA"

Veldhuis: "I have yet to see a single minute of the Olympics. Maybe because it's so easy to keep track of what's happening through twitter."

Vanessa Selbst: "Congrats @MichaelPhelps on an extraordinary achievement. Truly inspirational."

Negreanu: "When Canada isn't in contention I randomly root based on inexplicable logic. Rooting on the Russians in beach volleyball. They seem cool."

Boeree: "Weeeeee Usain Bolt weeeeeee"

And in the most feel-good news of the "off season," David Williams put a ring on it. "She said yes! #engaged," was what he tweeted earlier this month, along with a photo of the bling. Congrats to David and Yvette!!