Lex Veldhuis: Staying active during the grind

teampro-thumb.JPGTeam PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis is known for his prowess at the poker tables but did you know he's also become quite the tennis player?

We chatted with Veldhuis about his passion for tennis, including a potential prop bet with poker pro Brandon Adams.

How has your tennis fit in with your poker schedule?
Veldhuis: Well, at the moment I enjoy playing tennis now more than poker. It's also helping me maintain more of a normal life. It creates balance for me. I like playing tennis before a poker session. It helps me at the tables.

Have you played any tennis in Las Vegas?
Veldhuis: No, I haven't played out here yet. I just bought a couple of racquets here (Las Vegas) not too long ago. I have some friends that plan on taking me to some courts here in Vegas to play.


Lex Veldhuis: Tennis, anyone?

Your fellow Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari has been playing a lot as well. Who do you think would win in a tennis match?
Veldhuis: Oh wow, I didn't know Akkari played. I'd love to play with him.

Who would you consider to be the best non-PokerStars pro sports star?
Veldhuis:Patrick Antonius. I heard Brandon Adams has been training a lot lately but got crushed by Antonius, but I'm worse than Antonius as well.

Speaking of Brandon Adams, we saw that you challenged him to a tennis match. Can you tell us what stakes you two would play for?
Veldhuis: We're currently negotiating, but the stakes really don't matter. It doesn't have to be a lot of money. Mainly it's for the competition and the motivation.