Selbst, Duhamel take top spots in Los Angeles

teampro-thumb.JPGOkay. Find the people who say poker isn't a game of skill and send them to my office right now. I will fight them. With my fists and fingernails. With my knobby little knees and infirm elbows. I'll fight until I can fight no more, and then I will show my bloodied, ignorant victim this post. This post? What's so important about it? How about this: Vanessa Sebst (who seems to win every tournament she enters) just crushed another very tough field for a first place spot. Second place? Some guy named Jonathan Duhamel (who has won a couple of tournaments you might have heard of, like, say, the WSOP Main Event).

Last night, two of the best-known young poker players and stalwarts of Team PokerStars Pro took first and second place in Event #45 of the LA Poker Classic at Commerce Casino. After battling through a field of 98 players, Selbst and Duhamel cut a deal, and then played it out for the championship. Selbst's win earned her $140,295. Duhamel pocketed $121,115.


Vanessa Selbst after winning LAPC $5k (photo courtesy LAPC)

This is the point: Selbst and Duhamel win all the time. People might look at them as if they are on some hot streak or the luckiest people in the world. Alas, it simply isn't true. Someday, folks are going to have to admit that poker is a skill game, and Selbst and Duhamel are hoarding a lot of the skill in their heads.

Despite being on top of the game and among the best modern tournament players, Selbst told Tournament Director Matt Savage, "This is one of the toughest fields I've ever played in." You can check out the full interview (courtesy of the LAPC) below.

Congratulations to Selbst and Duhamel for yet another amazing performance. Now, if anyone needs me, I'm going to build an octagon out back for the Luck vs. Skill battle royale.

I think we all know who is going to win.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Team PokerStars Pro