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Team Pro Max Lykov takes Sunday 500

teampro-thumb.JPGSo, you might have thought the presidential elections in Russia were going to keep the people of that country too busy to play good poker. That is, you might have thought wrong. For the second week in a row, Russians trounced the Sunday majors. Not only did they pound on the Sunday SuperSonic and Sunday Million, but they let one of their fearless leaders from Team Pro put on a clinic in the Sunday 500.

Max Lykov beat out more than 900 other players for a victory worth more than $80,000. It was no small feat in a field that's always full of experienced players. Lykov considers it to be one of the toughest Sunday tournaments available.

"There were difficult moments, but good luck at the right time helped me," he said.


Lykov is just the latest in a series of Russians to take over the Sunday majors. Last weekend, Russian Gorby3975 won the Sunday Million. This week, FairLaw (yes, also from Russia) took down the Million.

Congratulations to Max Lykov and all the other Russians on a presidential performance this Sunday.

Here are the final results from this week's Sunday 500.

Sunday 500 final table

1. Maxim Lykov (Russia) - $ 82,620
2. insanocut (Canada) - $ 58,889
3. Hustlaaaaaa (Canada) - $ 44,064
4. bearsfan775 (Mexico) - $ 33,048
5. goodvibe1 (Germany) - $ 22,950
6. Shhh00kem (Canada) - $ 18,360
7. Chinajune (Netherlands) - $ 13,770
8. gray31 (Canada) - $ 9180
9. achen (Canada) - $ 5508

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