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The best bad beat I've ever had

I'm writing from the road again. Over recent weeks I've been all over. One of my favorite trips lately was to go to Milan with my girlfriend, Jenny. We went there to celebrate our first anniversary of being together.

Actually the story of my meeting Jenny is kind of funny. It happened in Las Vegas at the end of the World Series of Poker back in 2012. As usual it had been another intense summer for me playing the WSOP, with very little socializing as I was focused on playing for several weeks.

At the end of the summer I busted the Main Event near the end of Day 1. It was pretty disappointing, as I'd gotten short and then was all in from the button with pocket eights against an opponent who called me from the blinds with ace-four offsuit and won. I was not too happy. I sent a tweet saying how I was on "#ragingtilt" showing how frustrated I was. I needed to unwind, so the next day I went out with my friends.

It just so happened that it was while were out that next night I first met Jenny. She had come to Las Vegas just for a few days with friends to celebrate her sister's 21st birthday. It was my first night out all summer, and it was also her very last night in Vegas, so it was very lucky that we met at all.

Afterwards she went back to her home in Washington, D.C. and we stayed in touch. She's originally from Seoul. I actually lived in Korea for about six years before, so that was one of many things we had to talk about. I began my poker career there, but eventually moved to London because it was easier when it came to traveling, especially throughout Europe.

It was a few months later that I invited Jenny to meet me at the WSOP Europe in Cannes. She came and then also went to San Remo with me where I ended up playing only a few side events -- the first time in a long time. I didn't play a full schedule at an EPT. And we've been together ever since!


I've really enjoyed traveling with Jenny especially because she's never been to some of the places we've gone. A lot of these places I have been to many times over the years, and even though I like to travel it's more exciting to visit places and rediscover them with someone who is experiencing these places for the first time.

Milan was one of the first places we visited last year and decided to be more than friends. Since I had a little bit of time in between events at the end of this past summer we decided to go back to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our dating. Looking back to that last Main Event hand in 2012, I can say now it was a great thing that I was eliminated early from the tournament. If I hadn't lost that hand and busted at the end of Day 1, I would have never gone out and met her; I would have stayed in and remained focused on the most important tournament of the year. It was the best bad beat I ever had!

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