Daniel Negreanu's $10 Challenge

Daniel Negreanu is the type of guy who enjoys a challenge. Whether it's on the poker felt, the links, or at a pool table, Negreanu will battle just about anybody. Now, he's out to battle himself.

Kid Poker has decided to take on a challenge that seems almost unthinkable for a guy with millions of dollars in poker winnings. Starting with a $10 bankroll, Negreanu has begun playing the micro limits at PokerStars. Following a well-defined set of rules, Negreanu is looking to run the piddly ten bucks up to a hundred grand within a few years.

Why? Because the mountain is there.

The Rules

1. No moving up in limits until bankroll has 500 big blinds for the new limit
2. Buy-in to each session will be 1/5th of current bankroll.
3. Only NL hold'em cash games, and full ring where possible
4. If bankroll is doubled in a session, quit at the blinds of next orbit to protect roll
5. Once at $5/$10 number of required big blinds may go up at Negreanu's discretion
6. Once at higher limit games, buy-in per session may be reduced to 1/10th of bankroll at Negreanu's discretion.
7. When the amount needed to reach the goal is less than the 1/5th of the bankroll buy in, the buy in will be equal to the amount needed to reach the goal. Example: If 1/5th of the bankroll is $4.50 but you only need $2.50 to reach the goal, the buy in for the next session will be $2.50.

"I think it will be a bit enlightening," Negreanu said before he started.

The Team PokerStars Pro has already made enough money at the $.01/$/.02 level to move up in limits. He is now now on to $.02/$.05. Here's the breakdown of how he got there.

Hands Played: 786
Money won: $15.26
Money won per hand: $0.019
Bets won per hand: 97% of one bet
Win Loss Record by Session: 13-4 76.4%

"If you can't beat that game you have a lot to learn!" Negreanu said. "Playing limit hold'em for years is a great training ground for micro limit games in terms of understanding how to maximize value on your monster hands when you get them."

Negreanu typically sits down at 11pm PST to play his $10 challenge. Look for him in the $.02/$.05 games as he tries to get his bankroll up to $50.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Daniel Negreanu