Eureka4 Prague: Breaking the records early on

The EPT Prague Festival is only a few hours old but already records have been broken as Eureka4 Prague has, unofficially, 475 entries today - the largest number of entries for a Day 1A Eureka event and 18 more than the 457 who entered at Eureka4 Vienna. Perhaps even more impressively, it's 108 entries more than the 366 who entered this same event last year and the staff are quietly confident that there will be more than 1,000 entries tomorrow.


The main tournament room is getting a good workout today

  • Eureka3 Prague
  • Day 1A Players - 366
  • Day 1B Players - 949
  • Total Players - 1,315
  • Eureka4 Vienna
  • Day 1A Players - 457
  • Day 1B Players - 975
  • Total Players - 1,432
  • Eureka4 Rozvadov
  • Day 1A Players - 192
  • Day 1B Players - 301
  • Total Players - 493
  • Eureka4 Prague
  • Day 1A Players - 475
  • Day 1B Players - ?
  • Total Players - ?

To become the biggest ever Eureka event, Day 1B would need 959 players to enter - ten more than last year's event. Nevertheless, with a record Day 1A crowd, it's entirely possible that this could occur and it already bodes well for the entire festival.

Meanwhile, just before registration closed, a few more notable players slipped into the tournament at the last minute. Included in these is Fabrice Soulier, the Frenchman already has won over $5.6 million including having won the EPT Highroller at EPT10 Vienna for €392,900. Soulier admitted his friends had dragged him out last night which was the basis for his late arrival.


Everyone (and their mum) is queuing up to play in Prague

Also joining late on is Mayu Roca. Most recently the Colombian finished 4th at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo for €419,000 and is no.1 on the Colombia All-Time Money List.

Tournament Update:

- 475 players have entered Day 1A
- 404 remain
- Level 5 (150/300/25)
- Recent eliminations include Christopher Ralston, Andrey Shatilov, Peter Charalambous, Petr Targa, Matas Cimbolas and Tobias Dorner

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Live