Eureka4 Prague: Chip leaders, come out to play...

At this point in the evening, usually two or three players have smashed through the 100,000 mark. They're easy to spot, even in a large field and narrowing down the possibilities for the overall chip leader at this point becomes easier. For example, by this point at Eureka4 Vienna, the tournament had one gentleman at 185,000 by this point with a couple of others also over six-figures.


Martin Sousek is out in front on Day 1A

And yet here in Prague...

It's been an interesting day but no-one looks to be in anything close resembling a commanding chip leader and it's a struggle to even see one person who might be leading at this point. While the atmosphere in the poker room could be construed as subdued, it's more tense and competitive than anything else. There's very little talking on any tables with players even more intently focused on the action than before.

"So if that's the case, then who is doing well enough that they might be in contention?" you might ask.

Well reader, there are six or seven players hovering around the 75,000 mark at this moment in time with PokerStars player Martin Sousek just leading with 85,000 at this point. Sousek limps a lot during the tournament - literally. The Czech managed to sprain his ankle recently and has to use a crutch to walk at the moment. His other highlight today, apart from becoming chip leader, was to initially travel to the wrong Hilton Hotel (there is a second one in the Old Town) before the tournament started though he managed to arrive for the first level.


Roberto Romanello is standing tall so far

Other big stacks include Ivan Soshnikov (72,000) who won the EPT High Roller event for €382,050 here at EPT10 Prague last year. Former champion from EPT10 Prague Roberto Romanello (71,000) also has similar amount. Gennady Menshikov, (75,000), who cashed at Eureka4 Rozvadov, is also in the leading group as is PokerStars qualifier Anders Rasmussen (70,000) and Patrick Meca (70,000).

Tournament Update:

- 270/475 players remain
- The tournament will be playing ten one-hour levels and finishing around midnight
- 687 players are already registered for Day 1B
- Recent eliminations include Vojtech Ruzicka, Fabrice Soulier, Ben Warrington, Jonas Lauck, Dragan Kostic

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Live