Eureka4 Prague: Fara leads a record-breaking field

About four hours. That's how long it took for the EPT Prague Festival to begin breaking records as Day 1A of Eureka4 Prague saw a record 475 players enter the first of two start days in the opening event of 59 planned. With 787 players already having registered for tomorrow, it's already looking as though this event will become the biggest ever Eureka event, surpassing both the 1,315 that entered here last year and the 1,432 that played in Eureka4 Vienna earlier this year.


Tomas Fara finished as chip leader and displays his chips like a fisherman

After ten levels that initial heady figure of 475 was whittled down to a much more manageable 142 with Tomas Fara retaining the chip lead throughout the last level, the Czech player ended the day with 243,500. He's the only person above 200,000 at this stage with Jose Carlos Garcia, (194,400), Yannick Bonnet, (191,900), Pavel Kapczynski, (182,300) and Asaf Levi, (174,800) making up the rest of the top five.


Pavel Kapczynski displaying his happiness with traditional gang signs

Martin Hruby flew the flag for Team PokerStars pro and finished the day with a very respectable 85,700 while three former EPT champions also entered in David Vamplew (37,400), Rupert Elder, (16,200) and Roberto Romanello, (12,800).

Day 1B will start at 12pm CET and more records are expected to be broken with Eureka potentially expecting over 1,000 runners in a day. There will likely be more queuing but the bigger the queues, the bigger the prizepool. In the meantime, don't forget to check out some of the earlier posts about Day 1A. See you soon!

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Live