Eureka4 Prague: So many faces, so few names

With the number of players now having entered up to 457 and registration still open for about an another hour, it's surprising to see how many of the field I don't actually know. Without wishing to blow one's trumpet, I feel I have a pretty decent grasp of regular players on the European circuit but here today, spotting a "known" player is like being stuck in a desert and then suddenly stumbling upon your favourite restaurant franchise. So far the people that one would argue were "well-known" are few and far between.


Former EPT7 Prague winner Roberto Romanello

Roberto Romanello (37,500) who won the European Poker Tour event here in Prague back in Season 7 for €640,000, has had the best start. Just as I had spotted him, the Welshman was picking up a substantial pot with a 2,175 bet on the turn of an A♥K♥T♥J♥ board. Most recently Romanello has cashed in two of Eureka's sister tours during other EPT festivals - the UKIPT in London and the Estrellas main event in Barcelona.

Having travelled over from Edinburgh together, former EPT champions David Vamplew (20,000) and Rupert Elder (17,000) are both playing today. Along with Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen, Andrew Teng and Dominik Nitsche - they're part of a growing poker community up in Scotland's capital city.


Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby

Elsewhere Blazej Przygonewski (22,000) is on the same table as Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby (27,000). The young Pole is high up on the Eureka Poker Tour leaderboard with a EPT seat awarded to the winner. Doing less well is Matas Cimbolas (4,200), the British-based Lithuanian had deep runs at the IPT and the UKIPT in San Remo and London respectively but so far today he's already lost over 75% of his chips.

Tournament Update:

- 459 players have entered so far. This is Eureka's biggest ever Day 1A.
- Level 4, blinds are now 100/200 (25)
- Late registration is still open until the end of this level
- Recent eliminations include Andrey Shatilov, Yordan Dimitrov and Alessio Isaia
- The dinner break is after level 6

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in Live